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#Boat NameOriginal Owners(s) / CrewEtymology
[Person supplying information]
Mylo Xyloto
Chris Martin
A name sake (Chris Martin) was the co-founder of a band called Cold Play. In late 2011 they produced an album called 'Mylo Xyloto'.
[Chris Martin]
Where's Wooster
Steve Cockerill

Re-named by:-
Simon Hoult

There can only be speculation about the new name. Simon had 3 children so it’s possible he renamed it after the TV comedy about 3 children and their beleaguered parents. The third owner was Paul Dean and he also had 3 children so this seemed apt and the name was retained.

Paul had previously owned 3371 Encore Fume and shortly after he bought Outnumbered someone asked if the boat was named after the fact he had been one of the last people at Wembley to own a wooden boat and hence felt “outnumbered” and had bought a plastic one. Maybe………!!!?

[Paul Dean]
Nick Craig
The name was chosen by his children but Nick was not sure why.
[Nick Craig]
Strings Attached
Tony Johnson
A family boat - but with conditions such as it would be available for Tony to sail at Salcombe week.
[Tony Johnson]
Re-named by:-
Hew Reynolds
Narnia  -  a fictional land, the Kingdom of Aslan in CS Lewis’s The lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. The original 1980’s series was televised on a Sunday afternoon in winter and was a particular favourite of Huw’s daughters.

[Hew Reynolds]
The Empire Strikes Back
Will Rainey
Will decided that it was now time to go back to Star Wars theme (The Force Awakens was in production). Following his port v starboard incident at Abersoch (see 3601), "The Empire Strikes Back" just seemed very appropriate.
[Will Rainey]
Didley Pokey
Jon Gorringe
A follow on from Jon's previous boat (3712). There is a welsh expression that goes:- Oakey Dokey - Didley Pokey.
This name therefore had to follow from the previous boat.

[Jon Gorringe]
Tickled Pink
Peter Jackson
At the time that Peter bought the boat he had just split up with his long term girlfriend and had just benefitted from an endowerment policy. He as 'tickled pink' with his good luck.
[Peter Jackson]
William Warren
Named after a small boy who was being unfairly, verbally abused by his parents whilst skiing in Verbier. William felt very sorry for him and his idiot antics. The boat was named as a tribute to the underdog and his own idiotic tendencies on the racecourse.
[William Warren]
Space Hopper
Richard Domoney

[Year Book]
To the moon & back
Re-named by:-
Andy Postle
Name chosen by Andy's daughter. Rockets go to the moon and back.
[Andy Postle]
Returned to original name:- Space Hopper
Re-named by:-                Tim Parsons

[Tim Parsons]
Red Mistress
Sam Pascoe
Sam had a history of buying red boats. When he optained this boat he had just returned from honeymoon. His first thought was to name the boat 'Ball & Chain', but this was not approved. Finally 'Red Mistress' was approved.
[Sam Pascoe]
Mark Reddington
Mark's introduction to sailing was when his wife bought him a catamaran called Garfield as a surprise present. All boats since have been named after Garfield characters. Arbuckle is Garfields owner.
[Mark Reddington]
Beast Quest
A series of books for children where decisions have to be made and these then effect the outcome of the story.
[Peter Male]
Malcolm Hyams
A rimonin as a grapefruit, which is a slang expression for a grenade. It was considered that this suited Malcolm style of aggressive sailing.
[Malcolm Hyams]
Dancing (Smiffy) Brave
Mark Barnes
The boat colour scheme and name comes from Paul Smith who should have been the crew, but sadly died of Leukemia in December 2013. Paul had trained as a ballet dancer and Mark used to do a lot of Jive dancing, the name was thought to be appropriate. The 'Smiffy' in brackets is all about Paul.
(Dancing Brave was also a successful racehouse)

[Mark Barnes]
Fancy Liquor
Tim Fells
Tim named this boat in memory of his double champs winning Lark (1993 & 1997). It is the punch line from and old joke..."I call my man Southern Comfort"
[Tim Fells]
Three Dee
Richard Dee
Richard was the third child of the family. He had three children. At the time Richard purchased the boat he could not see in '3-D' because of an eye defect.
[Richard Dee]
The Bear
Andy Dalby
After many years of racing around Salcombe and other events neck and neck with Duncan Salmon, Andy decided to create a very subtle practical joke for him. He copied the boat colour and font of 3702 - to make 'The Bear', in order to chase the Salmons.  3766 & 3702 have identical top colour but 'Salmon en Croute' has a salmon pink bottom plank and 'The Bear' has a golden/brown plank.
Duncan's wife even had a special trophy (of a salmon) commissioned for the winner of 'The Salmon Steaks'! (The Notice of Race for this event has not been published. Peter Male)

[Andy Dalby]
One Love
Ben Archer
A Bob Marley song
.....lets get together ............... feel alright.........

[Ben Archer]
Graham Cranford Smith
Sailing is altar on Sundays. Graham realised they they were never going to walk on water and tended to follow.
[Graham Cranford Smith]
Richard Pausey
Richard was a roofing contractor, who, when trying to find room to keep his new boat, had to move a skip to create the space.
[Lawrie Smart]
Phil Emery
A 'by the wind sailor' jellyfish. They are in the same species group as the Portuguese Man of War (A nick name for Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager). A continuation of the Chelsea FC theme (3608, 3657 & 3700).
[Phil Emery]
Number Thirty Four
Alan Warren
Alan's 34th Merlin.
[Graham Cranford Smith]
Jon Turner
This was the first boat out of Jon's new mould and to ring the changes it was decided to have it black. It was unprecedented for Jon to have a black boat.
[Jon Turner]
Night Fury
Tom Pygall
Inspiration for the name came from the animated film 'How  to train your dragon' - which was based up on a series of books.
The Night Fury is a Strike Class dragon  - "Speed: Unknown. Size: Unknown. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Never engage this Dragon."

[Tom Pygall]
Messy Monty
Nick Craig
Named by Nick's children. A cartoon character - small brown dog.
[Nick Craig]
Simon Potts
A starting point is the view that all boats should have a girls name. Simon also wished to name it after a character with good personality. Two female characters of the time came to mind - Khalessi (in Games of Thornes) and Catins Everdeen (in The Hunger Games). At the start of Games of Thornes - Khalessi comes over as a bit of a wet so was rejected. With regard to Catins, Simon was worried that chavs might call their children Catins & did not want a boat with the same name as chav's kids The boat is called Mockingjay because it is the symbol used by Catnis in the film - and Jay - for short - is still a real name.
[Ally Martin]
Peer Pressure
Chris Gould
Originally Chris did not name the boat but then he had a lot of people telling him that he had to and were suggesting different names for it! He eventually got bored of this and gave in to the "peer pressure"
[Chris Gould]
The Angels' Share
Dave Lee
This is a tribute to alcohol production and is the percentage lost to evaporation when wine or spirits are aged in an oak barrel. It was also a gentle tease for Dave's wife Kate, who helped pay for the boat - Dave told her Dave Winder had put the apostrophe in the wrong place!

[Dave Lee]
The Force Awakens
David Winder
This follows on the Star Wars theme from previous boats (3611 - 3662 - 3735). David felt that the class was ready for a radical change in hull design. The underwater shape was much the same as the standard Winder boat of the time but above the waterline the maximum width was extended to the transom to give more righting forces.
[David Winder]
Caribbee Joe

Born to be Willd
Miles James
This was the second Steppenwolf hull to be built but it was modified with Genii internals and rig.
Born to be Wild was a top ten song by the group Steppenwolf. It was also on the sound track of the film 'Easy Rider'
Also -  wolves are wild, and according to some, Miles was a bit eccentric, not one for following the crowd.

[Miles James]
Strung Along
Tony Johnson
This is the same theme as Tony's previous boat - 3751. A family boat - but with conditions such as it would be available for Tony to sail at Salcombe week.
[Tony Johnson]
Chris Martin
Quicksiver is a character in the X-Men series of films. He has superhuman ability to move at great speeds.
[Chris Martin]
Blue my mind
Christian Birrell
A play on words for a blue boat - Blew my mind.
[Christian Birrell]
Off Piste
Nick Scroggie
Nick's other sporting passion - skiing.
At Parkstone (home club) - having a reputation for taking a flyer.

[Nick Scroggie]
Colin Brockbank
Colin was very committed to his dogs and often used their alter-ego as a synonym when posting on the website forum.
[Colin Brockbank]
Mike Budd
The inspiration for buying the boat came from Nick Heginbototham - nickname : Boris. The colour of the graphics was influenced by Boris's hair.
[Mike Budd]
Julian Harms
Julian's previous boat was Smoked Salmon (3518) and he wished to continue the theme as well as creating a talking point.
The ichthys, (from the Greek=Fish) is a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish.
The graphics on the side include the symbol. The name on the transom is for those of us who do not read greek.

[Julian Harms]
William Warren
Following a theme from the previous boat (3756)
[William Warren]
Fata Morgana
Mark Elkington
A couple of strands to this name. Fata Morgana is equally known as Morgan le Frey (see 2121). She was a Arthurian sorceress.
Fata Morgana is also the name given to an optical phenomenon which occurs when rays of light are bent when they pass through air layers of different temperatures in a steep temperature inversion. At sea the effect is that boats appear to sail/float above the water.
Mark's profession - atmospheric physicist

[Mark Elkington]
Simply Scrumptious
Paul Rayson
Following a theme from previous boat (3715)
[Paul Rayson]
Richard Bramley
RIchard's nick-name at school.
[Richard Bramley]
Matt Biggs
Following a theme from previous boat  (3743)
[Matt Biggs]
Simon Potts
Following a theme from Simon's previous boat - 3777
[Simon Potts]
Close cover : Puller      : Black Swan  :
Chris Gould
A 'default' name given to the boat by Graham Cranford Smith who wanted to ensure that every boat entered for Salcombe Week 2019 had a name displayed on the results sheet.
A play with words associated with Chris's business - Creation Covers.
Later Pull'er was written on the transom as a reminder to the crew following and unfortunate incident.
Eventually, the boat was given the 'official' name of Black Swan. It is a white boat with a black bottom. So sometimes you see white and occasionally it is black. Chris shares the boat with Caroline (Croft) who has a deep interest in ballet. In the ballet Swan Lake there are roles of White Swan and Black Swan which are usually danced by the same ballerina. Therefore sometimes seeing the principal in white and sometimes black.

[Chris Gould]
John Flides
The name came from an amalgamation of Rocket and Albatross. Rocket is in dedication to Dick Wyche & Rod Wilson who put up with John when, as a boy, he spend his holidays hanging arround & trying to help in their boatyard. (DIck was the designer of the Rocket). Albatross came from the name of the business run by John. (Albatross Marine)
[John Fildes]
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