Helms, please select your fleet based on the criteria below but ultimately the decision is at the Organising Committee’s discretion.

These are your fleets for all MROA organised events in 2024. Helms are placed in a fleet for the year, and it will be reviewed over the winter before the next season based on the previous five seasons results.

This is here for people to enjoy their sailing and encourage close competition throughout the fleet. If your crew has a significant effect on your result, please contact a member of the committee.

As well as being promoted, you can also be demoted if you wish. However, platinum sailors can only be demoted as low gold, similarly gold to silver and no-one gets demoted to bronze.

If you are not on the list but you have paid your membership for this year, then please contact Martin Smith (Membership Secretary). If you would like to participate in the fleet series and are not a member of the association, please consider joining. Fleet prizes are awarded at all individual Silver Tillers (to those who are members), Inlands, Nationals and the overall Silver Tiller.






Last updated. 12 April 2024

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Ballentine Peter Anderson Colin Alsop Dan Adams John
Barnes Mark Barwell Mark Archer Ben Anderson Kevin
Biggs Matt Blake Pat Bates Stuart Ashworth Phil
Birrell Christian Brewer Andy Bell John Atwell Paul
Bithell Stuart Cage Rob Bines Andy Barr Tim
Blake Simon Conlon David Blocksidge Sam Bates Richard
Bradburn Ed Crook Stephen Borne Ross Bell Duncan
Calvert Mike Dean Paul Bowen-Perkins Hywel Bird Tim
Chapman Ed Dodds Jenny Brockbank Colin Bithell Les
Craig Nick Epplett Clive Brooke Nigel Bloice John
Croft Caroline Gifford Fran Bursey David Bramley Richard
Davis Andy Greenfield Matt Conroy Steve Broadbent Alan
Dobson Ian Heginbotham Nick Cooke Richard Browne Guy
Fells Tim Henderson Arthur Cooper John (2 Planks) Burton Richard
Gifford Antony Henderson-White Mary Cooper John (Bola Bola) Cardno Neil
Gilbert Roger Kenaugh Rob Cranford-Smith Graham Chapman Andrew
Gillard Thomas Kilsby Chris Croft Dave Charles Robin
Goodfellow James Leney Steve Dalby Andy Clancy James
Gorringe Jon Lillywhite Neal Deacon Jeremy Clarke Godfrey
Goss James Lytton Simon Eastmond Richard Cole Roger
Gould Chris Mackley Sophie Emery Phil Colles Mike
Hall David Massey Judith Evans Martin Cooper Nigel
Hall Steve Mitchell Steve Gough Charlotte Coulter Richard
Hayes David Norton Jack Graham Stephen Cowper Jon
Henderson Will Parry Julian Hamilton Christian Cox Geoffrey
Ibbotson Jon Parsons Tim Harms Julian Dee Richard
Jackson Alex Rayson Paul Harms Timothy Donoghue John
Jennings Chris Salmon Duncan Harridge Lucy Downs David
Lenz David Stockbridge Mark Harridge Tim Dunning Barry
Martin Chris Thornton John Harris Andy Dunoyer Pierre
Martin Ian Tyler Steve Harris Richard Eaves Ben
Matt Mee Warren Alex Haworth Chris Eeles Howard
McGrane Ben Warren William Heaton Dan Elkington Mark
Meadowcroft John Waterhouse Mark Hill Christian Evans Simon
Pascoe Sam Willet Dan Hollis Ben Game Vyv
Potts Simon Winder David Hollis Paul Green John
Richards Sarah   Horwood Jemma Griffiths Gareth
Saxton Tim   Jackson Ross Hardiman Simon
Sharps Ian   Johnson Tony Harling Steve
Stewart Tom   Jones Andy Hatley Rob
Turner Jon   Jones Ben Hollands Jon
Wells James   Keeling Paul Hudson Nigel
Whitworth Richard   Kimber Geoff Hyams Malcolm
Yeoman George   Lambert Piers Jenkins Stuart
    Lee Dave Kelley Daniel
    Lofts Anthony Kennaugh Richard
    Low Tom Knapp Rick
    Lulham Ben Laing Ian
    Male Peter Luscombe Chris
    Male Tim Martin Rob
    Markham Alan Martin Watts
    Mclaughlin Joe Mason Henry
    Postle Andy Mason Kieron
    Rainey Will Mayon-White Dick
    Reddington Mark McDonald Alistair
    Scroggie Graham McKeever Mark
    Scroggie Nick Medcalf Tim
    Smith Robert Miles James
    Squire Andrew Mills Andrew
    Thompson Sam Page Richard
    Warren Alan Pargeter Nick
    Wilson Michael Pausey Alex
    Wright Antonia Proctor David
    Wright Geoff Rathbone Chris
      Reynolds Huw
      Rose Kevin
      Rouse Martin
      Shah Sel
      Shaw Joe
      Slack Pete
      Smith Martin
      Smith Matt
      Smith Scott
      Smyth Mark
      Squire Tristran
      Stein Jeremy
      Steward Jon
      Swinnock R
      Tosh Joe
      Turner Nick
      Wallace Ali
      Whitehill Carl
      Woods Joseph
      Yates Bob

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