Measurement of Merlin Rockets

The Class Rules require that to be eligible for racing, a Merlin Rocket shall not only be in compliance with the Class Rules, but shall also possess a valid boat certificate with current buoyancy endorsement.  An existing certificate becomes invalid following a change of ownership but also if  there is a change to any other items recorded on it or following any major repair or alteration to items listed on the Class measurement form.  

To get a new certificate you will need to apply to the RYA here.  It's free if you're an RYA member and lasts for as long as you own the boat.

The Class Rules, the associated Equipment Rules of Sailing and the Class Measurement Form are all available on the RYA website.


Following the adoption by the Class of World Sailing format rules there are now three categories of measurer.

For new boats, measurement and supervision of the initial buoyancy test must be undertaken by an RYA Approved Class Full Measurer who is also required in the case of the re-measurement of altered boats and those subject to major repairs.

Measurement of sails, certain items of equipment, re-weighing and annual buoyancy endorsements may be entrusted to an RYA Approved Class Maintenance Measurer.

RYA Approved Sail Measurers are authorised to measure sails for any class with World Sailing format rules, which now includes Merlin Rockets.

The RYA website contains full details of the requisite procedures and a list of currently approved measurers with their contact details. This is updated annually in April.

Both category of Class Measurer are class specific and are trained and nominated by the Class Association but must also be qualified as RYA

Approved Sail Measurers. The RYA runs training and certification courses for Sail Measurers.

It is normal for measurers to charge for their services but fees are not fixed and are a matter for agreement between the respective parties.

List of Measurers

There are currently over 100 RYA Sail Measurers based in the UK. Please refer to the list on the RYA website here.


  1. Roger Mee
  2. Rob Heath
  3. Ben Jennings
  4. Dave Chivers
  5. Graham Williamson
  6. Dan Alsop
  7. Stuart Bates


  1. Chris Martin

Measurement Certificates

It is a requirement of the Merlin Rocket Class Rules and the RYA that all racing boats hold a current Measurement Certificate.

To be current your certificate should contain all the correct information with regard to your boat, including the weight and number of correctors, as well as the present owner.

You will need to update your certificate if any of your personal details change or when you buy a second-hand boat. If you have bought a new boat from a builder you will be given a measurement form signed by the measurer. This needs to be forwarded to the RYA where it will be converted into a formal certificate. If you have any questions please contact Dan Alsop.

This will be checked at various events throughout the year and applies to ALL association events so please ensure that you are not the person unable to produce your certificate as this could ultimately lead to disqualification.

If you need to update your details this cane be done throught the RYA Website here, any changes to sail plan or boat weight need to be submitted via [email protected]. For more information call them direct on Tel: 023 8060 4200

RYA House, Ensign Way, Hamble, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 4YA T: 02380 604100 F: 02380 604299

Thank you for your cooperation, we wish you a good years sailing.

Class Rules

The RYA Technical Department maintain the Merlin Rocket class rules, as we are a national class. View our deditcated page on the RYA Website here.
RYA Technical Committee Merlin Rocket Class Rule Interpretations. 
Mast, Boom, Kicker fairing 
Rudder Fences & Temporary Class rules 
Jib Head Support and Stiffening

(The RYA may change this link occasionally, please use their website search box or their menu entry for racing/technical if you have trouble.)

N.B. The RYA also run the Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) system - see Merlin Rocket handicap rating.


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