Commencing for the 2023 Season the traditional format of the Silver Tiller Series has been modified in response to feedback from the membership. In the light of experience the changes may be subject to further alteration for subsequent seasons. The Silver Tiller Rules are formally defined in the Class Year Book and have accordingly been reworded to allow for the Series format to be adjusted without the necessity of annual re-writing.

Members are referred to the latest Class Magazine and the Class website for further details of the 2023 arrangements.




The Silver Tiller Series

The rules are formulated to encourage all-round ability in boat design and crewing ability.  Each qualifying event is accordingly allocated a category reflecting its sailing conditions – either “Restricted”, “Open Water” or “Sea”- and to qualify for the overall series competitors must obtain at least one result in each of these categories, plus further results as from time to time determined.

The Silver Tiller Trophy
J. Duncan-Ferguson presented the Silver Tiller Trophy in 1950 to be awarded annually to the helmsman with the best aggregate results in certain Open Meetings during the season. These designated events comprise the Silver Tiller Series. 

The Silver Pole Trophy
In belated recognition of the important role of crews, in 2022 the Association commissioned an equivalent trophy for each season’s top crew, to be known as the Silver Pole Trophy. The new trophy was funded from a legacy left to the Class by the late Bryan Howard.


Designated Events

The Association Rules empower the Class Committee to arrange the Silver Tiller Series on such conditions as they may determine.

A club wishing to have its Open Meeting designated as a Silver Tiller Event the following season shall agree the date with the Fixtures Secretary by 1st September. The Class Committee will communicate the agreed dates and final programme the clubs concerned by the end of November. Open meetings at present awarded Silver Tiller status shall not retain the status for succeeding years by automatic right.


Prior to each season the Class Committee shall inform the membership which open meetings will be designated as counting towards the overall results of the Silver Tiller Series, the number and type of events which must be sailed to qualify for the series, and which race or races at those events will count towards the award of the series awards.  The Committee reserves the right to amend the fixture list at any time in response to unforeseen circumstances.  The information shall be published in not less than two of the following: The Class Magazine, the Class Website and the Year Book.


Participating Clubs

Those races which qualify for Silver Tiller Series points shall be specified in the relevant Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions.

Clubs shall promptly notify the Class Results Secretary of the results of their Silver Tiller Event, showing all entries and finishing positions.

Clubs running Local Circuit events shall promptly notify the Class Regional Representative of the results of their event, showing all entries and finishing positions.


Only Full, Associate or Honorary Association members at the time of the event shall be awarded points for the Silver Tiller Series.


Crews’ Silver Pole Series results shall be independent of the boat or associated helmsman.

Non-Members are welcome to sail in Silver Tiller Events, but will not qualify for overall Silver Tiller placings. Note however, Class Rules require the owners of all competing boats to be Full Members of the Association.


Individual Events

Results for individual events will determined according to the NORs and SIs for those events. It is recommended that these be in accordance with RRS Appendix A.


Series Points for Principal Silver Tiller Circuit Events

Shall be based on the overall positions obtained in individual events.  Series points shall be awarded in accordance with the current RRS Appendix A amended as follows:

For the winning helmsman and crew:

events not exceeding 19 entries 1 point

exceeding 19 but not exceeding 29 entries 0.9 point

exceeding 29 but not exceeding 39 entries 0.8 point

exceeding 39 but not exceeding 49 entries 0.7 point

exceeding 49 but not exceeding 59 entries 0.6 point

exceeding 59 entries 0.5 point


The second, third, fourth and fifth boats shall respectively receive 1, 2, 3 and 4 points more than the winning boat. The sixth boat shall receive 6 points, the seventh boat 7 points, etc. If an event is abandoned no Silver Tiller points will be awarded.


Series Points for Regional Circuit Events

Shall be based on the final overall positions obtained in the respective Regional Circuits. Points shall be awarded in accordance with the current RRS Appendix A without adjustment for number of entrants.  Regional Representatives shall inform the Class Results Secretary of the overall results of their Regional Circuit as soon as these are  concluded.


Events Sailed Using the Group System

This system shall be used whenever it is necessary to sail a Silver Tiller Event in heats. 

The total entry shall be divided into four approximately equal groups. Each group shall sail a total of three races, comprising one race against each of the other groups in turn. There shall be no eliminating heats, or consolation race. Where it is not practical to sail two races at one time on separate courses, races may be started within a short time on the same course.

Overall positions shall be decided counting the best two races out of the three sailed.



The Silver Tiller and Silver Pole Trophies

To be presented annually and be held by the series winners for one year.


The Topmast Trophy

To be presented annually to the Club scoring the lowest total points with their best three boats sailed by the same three helmsmen throughout the Silver Tiller Competition.


Classic and Vintage Boat Prizes

To be awarded to the first 3 helmsmen and crews sailing boats in the following categories:

‘Classic Boats’ (sail numbers 3358 to 3571 inclusive).

‘Vintage Boats’ (sail number 3357 and below).

Should a competitor sail in more than one boat in a single season, the youngest Classic or Vintage boat in which they contest a Silver Tiller event shall be the boat that determines their eligibility for the ‘Classic’ and ‘Vintage’ Categories. The Scoring shall remain as detailed in paragraph 16.


Further awards may be made at the Committee’s discretion.



DGA MAR 2023


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