Buying a Merlin Rocket

There are a number of routes to owning a Merlin Rocket, from building your own to using a recognised builder. The fleet also has a healthy second-hand market – see what’s For Sale at the moment.

Although a development class, there have been no major rule changes recently and the Association policy is to maintain this consistency for as long as possible.


The easiest way to purchase a Merlin Rocket is to go directly to the builder, all those listed have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and can talk you through the process of building your bespoke boat.

Looking for something different, then it is quite normal to mix and match products from different builders and suppliers – a hull from x, a mast from y, foils from z. The beauty of being a development class is that there are a wealth of options to choose from.

Fittings and Equipment

The layout of fittings is unrestricted, so you can incorporate your own ideas into your dream boat, it's best to have a look around the boats at your club or an open meeting to spot the good ideas from the bad. Again, any mast supplier can be used, most use carbon fibre from a range of suppliers – its best to ask around to find the mast that suits you.


Regular and top-flight sailors often buy a suit of sails every season, which creates a healthy second-hand market. If you’re looking to buy new then have a chat with fellow competitors to see what is working for them. A selection of sailmakers who have Merlin experience are:


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