In order to race any Merlin Rocket, you will need...

Class association membership
Details of how to join the MROA are on the joining page.
We'd love to have you join us and race in Open and National events.

Measurement certificate
The RYA Technical Department deal with certification

When you buy a secondhand boat, the owner should pass on their certificate to you, which you then post to the RYA with your details, and a fee, in order to register you as the new owner of the boat. Your certificate records all measurement details, including sails, and also buoyancy endorsements.

As at March 2023 the fees are:

Full/Junior Member of the RYA - £15.00
Non-member - £30.00
Duplicates or Replacements - £30.00 (no discounts applicable)
RYA Gold Members - 1 free certificate per calendar year

Buoyancy test
The owner takes responsibility for ensuring their boat would float if capsized, and signs the certificate themselves, in the presence of a class official.
Contact the MROA Rules and Measurement Officer for advice on the process, and details of an official near you.

Racing demands you have third-party cover for your boat.  This is defined in the event Notice of Race, but is usually at least £3M.

Ask for advice on the forum if you can't find a good quote!

Club membership
To race in class events, you must be a member of a sailing club or join the RYA itself (it's a legal thing!). It always helps to get to know a few local sailors, for advice on rigging and sailing your Merlin, to camaraderie in the bar afterwards!

Owners Association

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