The Merlin Rocket Owners Association is honoured to announce the Silver Pole, a new perpetual trophy in recognition of the crew.  The Trophy is in memory of Bryan Howard from Waveney and Oulton Broad Sailing Club who bequeathed a sum of money to the MROA.

Silver Pole will be awarded to the winning crew on the lowest aggregate points from the Silver Tiller events they compete in.

To qualify the crew must be an associate (or full) member of the Merlin Rocket Owners Association and take part in at least five events from the Silver Tiller, one Restricted, one Sea and one Open plus their two lowest scoring events. The crew can carry results with different helms and in different Merlin Rockets.

The base of this trophy is being made from mahogany and is being shaped by retired Merlin Rocket builder John Freeman and Salcombe based ship modeller Malcolm Darch is making the silver pole to be positioned on top. The Silver Pole in memory of Bryan Howard will first be awarded at the end of season dinner at Parkstone Yacht Club 29thOctober 2022.

Nick Truman who Bryan crewed for recalls a championship at Weymouth in 1960 when they got to the first mark, but neither of them knew which way to round it so they had to wait for John Oakley to catch them up!  He was a very clever man, but he didn't know that! Bryan owned five Merlin Rockets over the years, he was a likeable, gentle, social, and clever man who will be greatly missed.

Crews wishing to qualify for the Silver Pole in 2022 can join the MROA today. Please join by 30th September to have your results included.

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