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#Boat NameOriginal Owners(s) / CrewEtymology
[Person supplying information]
Salted P-nut
Peter Rainey
The 'P' is for Peter and he used to sail GP14s - hence he was considered the nut as the Merlin was supposed to be more difficult to sail than a GP14. The boat was definitely salted as Peter sailed it on the sea.
[Peter Rainey]
Original name:-
Half Cut
Patrick Blake
At the time Patrick ordered this boat they were getting wider. He though that the latest Proctor Mk XVII was a bit too extreme but liked the underwater lines of the Mk IX. He spoke with Bob Hoare who was sailing fast himself and building fast boats and hatched up the idea of a IXd. It was the Mk IX shape underwater but flared out to make it wider. The name may also have reflected Patrick's alcohol intake but he considered that it was never a fast boat and not the best name either.
[Patrick Blake]
Morgan Le Fay II
Re-names by:-
K Burford
Morgan Le Fay was a powerful enchantress in Arthurian legend. Wanton and sexually aggressive with many lovers including Merlin.
[Mike Liggett]
Returned to original name:-
Half Cut
Returned to original name by:-
Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow, who rescued and restored the boat, was told to take this old boat away before it gets cut in half. Then he found out the original name!
 In 2016 the name was still appropriate as the helm was a former pub landlord.

[Patricia James]
Hob Goblin
T.D. Evans

[Miles James/Mike Liggett]
Paper Moon
Re-named by:-
Miles James
Miles re named the boat after a book his sister was reading in the 70's  - Paper Moon.
[Miles James]
Spud Rowsell
A follow on of a theme - (see 1895 - 2004); A Rolling Stones song.
[Spud Rowsell]
Chris Rathbone
Inspired by the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
[Chris Rathbone]
Near Myth
Patrick Blake
At the time of this new boat, Patrick considered that the hair cut theme had run its course (see 684 ; 1697 ; 2121). He thought a new theme would be in order and hit on the name Near Myth. He thought it was quite clever because he wanted it to become a famous boat although he knew it almost certainly wouldn't be. Also there was a bit of a double entendre - if you spoke with a lisp it had a similar if slightly different meaning. He have been trying to explain this ever since but no one else gets it!
[Patrick Blake]
Guy Gurney
Japanese word for a small piece fitted into the scabbard of a Japanese sword. Translates as “split chopsticks”. (Guy was heavily into Japanese art at the time.)
[Guy Gurney]
Not known

[Jeremy Hudson]
Pip Hudson
The original owner wanted to retain the name (Tad) so Pip Hudson renamed it Bufo from ‘Bufo Bufo’, the latin for the common toad.
[Jeremy Hudson]
So Wot
John Cooper
This was the first to be built to the "Wotnot Beta" design. The fashion of the time was to include "Wot" in the names of Wotnot designs built by John Freeman.
[John Cooper]
Miss Conception
Sheffield University Sailing Club
This was the first new boat built for Sheffield University and the start of their 'Miss' series.
[Geoff Wright]
Original name:-
Q.E. Too
Not known
Not known
[Year Book]
Julia Dream
Tony Vowell
Julia Dream was the 'B' side of a on a Pink Flloyd single.
[Tony Vowell]
Bob's Wot
Robert Deacon
The design is a Wotnot and it was the style at the time to have 'Wot' in the name.
[Jeremy Deacon]
M. Holland
The Nyaminyami (pronounced Yamin Yami) is a snake like god that said to reside in the Zambezi River and control the life in and on the river.
[Peter Male/Mike Liggett]
Patrick Blake
At this time Patrick had just met up with Keith Callaghan who had recently designed 'Hotspur' and decided to have one built. Patrick wanted to continue the 'Myth' theme (see 2225) and came up with a pretty terrible pun. The idea was that her ancestry was a bit dubious, having come from this young designer who had no track record! She was a nice boat and quite quick, specially in light airs.
[Patrick Blake]
Will Shakespeare
Will Godfrey
The 3rd boat in the 'Will' series. See1999 and 2100.
[Noelle Wright]
Original name:-
Miss Pepper
A. G. Dixon

[Mike Liggett]
Renamed by:-
Phil Mason & Paula Lay
This was Phil & Paula first boat and rescued from a barn in London! It was quickly painted with pink/mauve Dulux. Being big Prince fans they named the boat after a track taken from his 'Album1999'. There are lots of references to, 'can't steer', 'lakes' and 'Can't win a race'. However, being Prince, the lyrics have an edge!
[Phil & Paula Mason]
E. P. Cundy
The boat is a Hotspur - an early wide design.
The boat name is a french word which translate to 'widespread'

[Jim Hook]
Gigolo Girl
Chris Rathbone
Chris previously owned “Gigolo” (2222) having bought it from Graham Pike and Patrick King, so he kept the theme going!
[Chris Rathbone]
John Ibberson
Joy - John's wife.
[Geoff Wright]
Re-named by:-
D Osbourne
It is assumed that the change to Vertigo in more recent Year Books is a typo.
[Mike Liggett]
Chris Haworth
This was Chris's first design and he hoped to design more boats using dinosaur names. Also, the Bronte family (authors of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights etc) lived in the village of Haworth.
[Chris Haworth]
Original name:-
Miss Carriage
Sheffield University Sailing Club
The second boat built for Sheffield University (see 2379) and continued the 'Miss' theme.
[Geoff Wright]
Gybe Talkin
Re-named by:-
D. Anderton

[Mike Liggett]
Myth Isle
Patrick Blake
Having launched Mythbegotten (2446) Patrick and Keith teamed up for the year. Whilst sailing together Keith came up with a new design. They went to Spud Rowsell to build this one and she was a lovely boat. Patrick considered that they we were seriously quick. 'Myth Isle' - Another pun on the 'Myth' theme but a nicer name really. In those days Spud had a year long waiting list so another one was ordered for next year.
[Patrick Blake]
Spud Rowsell
A follow on of a theme - (see 1895 - 2004 & 2204); A Rolling Stones song.
[Spud Rowsell]
Hickory Dickory Doc
Peter Rainey
Peter had just achieved his Doctorate and was definitely dickory at times.
[Peter Rainey]
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Chris Haworth
Following the dinosaur theme. (see 2553) Chris liked "the King" element and 'T Rex' were topping the charts at the time.
[Chris Haworth]
Not Known
Not named by original owner.
Atomic Mustard
Richard Dee
The boat was yellow and at the time discussion about nuclear weapons was high on the agenda.
[Chris Martin]
The Specialist
Dick Batt
Dick's first Merlin. Bought as bare shell from Graham Edwards and decked in the front room.
Named in homage to “The Specialist”, a classic little piece of American literature by Charles Sale. The subject is Lem Putt, the champion privvy builder in Sangamon County.

[Dick Batt]
Captain Snort
John Cooper
John was a Captain in the Army when he completed this boat. Named after Captain Snort of Pippin Fort in the children's TV programme "Camberwick Green" which was a favorite of his son.
[John Cooper]
Mythelated Spirit
Patrick Blake
A continuation from 2575 - a 'Hornblower'. Keith tweaked the design a bit to produce a 'Hexagon'. 'Mythelated Spirit' - Another pun on the 'myth' theme with a double entendre but somehow reflecting their mood - elated spirit.
[Patrick Blake]
Close to the edge
Tim Fells
Close to the Edge was the fifth studio album from the English progressive rock band Yes
[Tim Fells]
Miss Anthropist
Sheffield University Sailing Club
One of a pair of new boats (see below) and the name continues the 'Miss' theme of previous boats (2379 : 2567)
[Geoff Wright]
Ghostly Bloater
Re-named by:-
P. Greatrex

[Mike Liggett]
Miss Ogynist
Sheffield University Sailing Club
One of a pair of new boats (see above) and the name continues the 'Miss' theme of previous boats (2379 : 2567)
[Geoff Wright]
Soporific Spirit
Re-named by:-
M. Wilson
Martin was newly married when he bought the boat from Sheffield University & therefore 'Miss Ogynist' wasn’t very appropriate. It is a Phantom Kipper design so, deliberately misinterpreting the name (as a ghostly sleeper) he came up with 'Soporific Spirit' (sleepy spirit)
[Martin Wilson]
A play with words by original owners
[Mike Liggett]
Jig A Jig
Not known
A Hornblower design - hence the link.
[Rob Holroyd]
Rising Sun
Re-named by:-
Rob Holroyd
It was a 'Bright Orangey Red' boat
[Rob Holroyd]
Not known

[Rob Holdroyd]
Red Rooster
Spud Rowsell
A follow on of a theme - (see 1895 - 2004 - 2204 & 2604).  A Rolling Stones song.
[Spud Rowsell]
Barry Dunning
The design is a G.G Gregory 'Echo'. The boat was sponsored by the Southampton Evening Echo.
[Due to an error in setting out the boat was built too long and 1inch had to be sawn off the bow before  it would measure]

[Barry Dunning]
Wide Guy
Guy Winder
Guy's previous boat was 1285 - a Mk9, so was much looking forward to 2ft extra beam.
[Guy Winder]
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