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#Boat NameOriginal Owners(s) / CrewEtymology
[Person supplying information]
Ted Kington
Ted’s present to himself after major heart surgery which included the provision of new Mitral valves.

[Chris Martin]
Re-named by:-
Frank Fern
Frank thought the name on the boat had been mis-spelt and had it 'corrected'.
[Chris Martin]
A boat built at the start of the 3rd millennium
[Peter Male]
Fat Bottom Girl
Colin Brockbank
As we all know - boats are feminine.  Merlins have a wide beam and a flat(ish) bottom.  A play on words.
[Colin Brockbank]
Judith Massey
Boadicea was perhaps the greatest of the Warrior Queens, and something of an inspiration for its lady owner.
[Graham Willianson]
Richard Whitworth
A song to which Richard would listen prior to sailing to get him 'in the groove'.
[Richard Whitworth]
Summit Fever
Phil Plumtree
Name taken from a book by Andrew Greig which focused on the addiction of mountaineers wanting to reach the top at all costs and the euphoria of the achievement.
Also the typeface of the cover was used by David Winder as a basis for the name on the side. 

[Phil Plumtree]
Steve Crook
The boat was purchased at the time when Harry Potter was big box office. Merlin was a wizard and Quidditch is the game wizards play in Harry Potter .
[Steve Crook]
Bah Humbug
Jim Hopton
After years of persevering with older boats Jim decided if couldn’t beat the owners of new boats he would join them.
[Chris Martin]
John Harris
Named after John & Robert's father.
[Mike Liggett]
Millennium Falcon
Will Rainey
In 2000, a new design was conceived over supper at the Looe championships. The film the Phantom Menace had been released the previous year and as a Star Wars fan - Will's next boat just had to be metallic silver and called Millennium Falcon, the fastest space ship in the galaxy. It was, after all, the year 2000 and a Merlin is a species of Falcon. A further twist in the theme is the now infamous port v starboard incident with Dave Winder in the boats first open meeting at Abersoch, when Will hit Dave (WIll's fault). Dave then called his new boat The Phantom Menace (3611).
[Will Rainey]
Aunt Fanny
Laurence Tosh

[Year Book]
Re-named by:-
Tim Barr
The name of a song written by Tom Jobim. The word means off key or out of tune.  -     Helm or boat?
[Tim Barr]
Take it easy
Phil King
Alluding to the corny cowboy salutation (another reference to Kevin Driver's black hats) and the hope that the boat would do all the work.
[Phil King]
The Shed
Phil Emery
Phil - an avid Chelsea supporter. The Shed - the home end at Stamford Bridge.
[Phil Emery]
Time Lords
Graham Williamson & John Bell
A development of the 'Time' theme (3569), and an anagram of Old Timers. The boat was purchased at a point when John & Graham were consistent winners of the Centenary Trophy for a combined age over 100...
[Graham Willianson]
Paul Hollis
When purchased, Paul was the licencee of The Needlemakers Arms, Studley, Warks.
[Paul Hollis]
The Phantom Menace
David Winder
The story continues from 3601. Dave was also a Star Wars fan and The Phantom Menace (Star Wars: Episode 1) was a film that had just been released. The Millennium Falcon (a silver boat) and The Phantom Menace (a black boat) are on different sides in the Galactic Republic.
[David Winder]
Two Red Herrings
Paul Gilbert
Not known
Re-named:-  Alfred
Re-named by:-  Christopher Grosscurth
Named after the grandfather of Chris's wife
[Dan Kelly]
Andrew Hilton
Named in memory of grandfather.
[Andrew Hilton]
Richard Estaugh
Richard did not name the boat
Nearly all Over
Matt Biggs & Dave Crockett
When purchased by Matt & Dave it was anticipated that Dave would soon have to give up sailing - however - see 3665
[Matt Biggs]
Dark and Stormy
Richard Page
Richard had been taking part in a 'round the Island' race. This was followed by drinks in the Royal Corinthian YC. The crew from another boat started the group on 'Dark and Stormy'. A great time was had by all. The boat was named as a reminder of the memorable evening.
[Richard Page]
Cool Cookie
Patrick Blake
Patrick had started a new theme for his boat names (see 3506). An alternative version of 'Smarty Pants' is sort of slang terms for attractive young women - after all boats are feminine. So he came up with 'Cool Cookie', it sort of followed on with a nod towards his home club at Cookham.
[Patrick Blake]
Point Break
Richard Bramley
The term is taken from surfing. When two wave which are approaching at different angles collide, this results in a bigger wave. Name given by Lawrie Smart, who at the time, had just returned from surfing in Australia.
[Richard Bramley]
Business as Usual
Mike Clavert
Following a theme from Mike's previous boat (3549). Having taken delivery of Unfinished Business Mike went on to win (in 2002) the National Championship. The hope was that the new boat would ensure continuing success.
[Mike Calvert]
John Cooper
A follow on from Snorting (3561) and Captain Snort (2710)
[John Cooper]
Zero Gravity
Will Rainey
Getting the weight out of the ends of the boats was the theme of the day (Will considers that he went a bit far with this boat as it had 28kg of correctors).
Wishing to continue with the space theme, Zero Gravity (also metallic silver like Millennium Falcon 3601) was an obvious choice. Sadly, this was not Will's quickest boat.

Picture of the graphics supplied by John Tailby (12/21)

[Will Rainey]
Scantily Clad
Named by the boat builder, Steve Neal, to reflect the minimal use of carbon fibre strands on her foredeck and front bulkhead.
Ministry of Pleasure
Phil King
A reference to the then prevalent 'Ministry of Sound' club culture and the hope that the ship would deliver happiness.

[Phil King]
Richard Whitworth
An upbeat song to which Richard would listen before going sailing.
[Richard Whitworth]
Steve Leney
Prior to obtaining this boat Steve was sailing a wooden boat with an aluminium mast. He felt there was a considerable disadvantage compared with the newer boats with carbon 'bits' - hence 'Carbon (h)ater'.
[Steve Leney]
Smart Tart
Patrick Blake
Patrick had a theme running (see 3506 - 3620). Following that theme but also giving recognition to the boat builder - Laurie Smart
[Patrick Blake]
William Warren
The name was a result of dinner party silliness.
[William Warren]
Poached Salmon
Duncan Salmon
Following the theme (3518 - 3575) - Duncan needed to upgrade to a Winder 4 but was having liquidity issues because of a recent house move. Fortunately, a house restoration fund was being accumulated to pay for essential repairs / updates to the 100 year old North London property. Cash was liberated from the fund and the boat called Poached as in 'to steal fish from another's property' as distinct from 'to cook in simmering hot water'. However when his wife found out, the latter was just as relevant. Dave Winder got the joke and the boats name was sign- written in medieval script to reflect the poaching reference.
[Duncan Salmon]
Re-named by:-
Jon Bloice
Jon acquired the nick name 'Boycie' - the character in 'Only Fools & Horses'. Boycie's wife was Marleen.
[Jon Bloice]
Blue Velvet
Barry Morant
Named after the film
[Jeremy Deacon]
Wuthering Heights
Miles James
Wuthering Heights - a romantic novel by Emily Bronte. Miles built the boat in the garden of his wife to be and the name was a statement of his feelings.
[Miles James]
Mr Bright Side
Andy Davis
A song from the band 'The Killers'.
[Andy Davis]
Liquid Dreams
Re-named by:-
Hywel Bowen Perkins (jnr)
For a long time Hywel had dreamed of owning a Winder Mk4, so when he finally got permission from his wife to buy the boat he got very excited - 'liquid dreams'.
[Hywel Bowen Perkins (jnr)]
Lawrence Tosh
At the time of buying the boat, Tosh lived in Looe. Whilst standing on the balcony of his house and wondering about the name, he got the insparation from the name above the hairdressers across the road.
Colin Brockbank
For Colin this was a reminder of his school days when, with his mates, lived in a fantasy world of 'Jupiter' - they were all 'Jupiterians'. A trip in to nostalgia.
[Colin Brockbank]
Time & Tide
Graham Williamson
Further development of the 'Time' theme (3569 & 3609). Time & Tide, as we know, wait for no man but lead from the front!
[Graham Willianson]
Judith Massey
Artemis was another famous warrior queen (see 3592) - in this case the highly respected Greek goddess of hunting. Watch out chaps....
[Graham Willianson]
Tales of Acapulco
Geoffrey Cox
Following the theme from a previous boat - 3476 - Tales of Marco Polo
[Kieron Mason]
Wild Card
Rob Wilder
Bought with a bequest from his grandfather, Rob was only slightly known in the fleet, but felt the new boat would make him the Wild Card in the pack -  a good play on the family name.
[Graham Willianson]
Phil Emery
A continuation of the Chelsea FC theme (see 3609) Roman Abramovich was considered to have started a revolution when he became the owner of Chelsea FC.
[Phil Emery]

[Peter Male]
Re-named by:-David Gates
Rockets re enter the atmosphere. David was returning to the fleet after an absence.
[David Gates]
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