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#Boat NameOriginal Owners(s) / CrewEtymology
[Person supplying information]
The Newark Eel
L. Ross

[Mike Liggett]
Brain Salad Surgery
Album by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

[Peter Richards]
Pass the Parrot
Alan Jackson
The term came from an over active workshop phone.
[Alan Jackson]
Sir Topaz
Mike Colles
Mike bought the bare hull - a Canterbury Tales. Chauser's Sir Topaz was also unfinished. Sir Topaz was portrayed as a great hunter.
[Mike Colles]
S Monk
Not named by original owner.
[1996 Year Book]
Steve Watson
Before purchasing this boat, Steve and his son Tobi sailed a NSM IV that was a rather questionable shade of green. As a result, Steve and Tobi were known as Team Green at Midland SC.
The new boat was therefore called NV - which stands for Nouveau vert (French) or Nuovo verdi (Italian) - and means “new green”. The new boat was blue and yellow, which when mixed together makes green. Or was there a sense of being green (team) with NV (envy).

[Steve Watson]
Valley Freight
John Dalby
This boat, designed & built by John, was supposed to be the first of a line, all to include the noun Valley (John was a member of Trent Valley SC.) To manage peoples expectation, in case it was not a rocket ship, John thought of Freight to acknowledge the nearby railway. The next would have been Valley Express - but it did not arrive.
[Andy Dalby]
An Bradan Fease
Colin Brockbank
The name is related to Irish mythology. A tale about a 'Salmon of knowledge' - a fish that has gained all the world's knowledge and this is passed to the first person that eats the flesh.
[Colin Brockbank]
Original name:-
Blazing Saddles
S. Wragg

[Paul Hollis]
Mine's a Double
Renamed by:-
Paul Hollis
When Paul purchased this boat he had just become the licensee of the Needlemakers Arms at Studley (see 3610)
[Paul Hollis]
Gangsta Paradise
Phil King
Named after Kevin Driver, the boat's builder who at the time wore dark clothes and black hats, and the (almost) eponymous song by American rapper Coolio.
[Phil King]
Cheers Easy
G. Forshaw

[Chris Martin]
Re-named by:-
Mike Allen & Mark Archer
Not only a reference to Mike & Mark.  -   M&M's are also a chocolate confectionery coated with hard candy shell

[Chris Martin]
Gilt Complex
Will Rainey
Following on the theme from Sterling Crisis (3505), Will's next new boat was a simple play on words. The quickest boat he ever had.
[Will Rainey]
Moondance Assasin
Mark Barnes
The name and colour scheme comes from the rave/drugs culture. Having been sailing new high speed designs for the previous 10 years, Mark came up with the concept that one must be on drugs to spend such a large amount of money on a 14 ft. wooden boat. The name comes from the Moondance Rave (Funky - still going strong in 2015) and Assasin (instead of Assassin) as in high as a kite. The yellow inside reflects a bad trip and outside the calming of the blues / Van Morrison, from where/who the Moondance Rave takes it name.
[Mark Barnes]
Tam htab
Tony Larder
This photograph has not been reversed
[Kieron Mason]
Renamed by:-
Kieron Mason
Kieron had been inspired by 3549 - Unfinished Business - and was looking to move up from an old Phantom Kipper. When 3548 came on the market he seized the opportunity. The quick refurb turned into a fairly long one over the winter with many cups of tea and of course music playing . The original name and graphics went with the sandings and was replaced with the 'Firestarter' – a track by The Prodigy. It had been played a thousand times during the refurb and seemed appropriate as the anticipation of getting the ‘new’ boat on the water grew. Kieron wasn’t disappointed as the boat repaid the hard work with some sublime moments.
[Kieron Mason]
Unfinished Business
Mike Calvert
Having ordered the boat, the delivery was longer than anticipated. Mike's request for progress reports indicated that it was not finished. The expression 'unfinished business' evloved over a period of time.
[Mike Calvert]
She's a Cracker
Tony Johnson
The farther of Tony's crew (Robert Smith) had a boat called 'Cracker' and Tony liked the name. Furthermore, the boat looked good.
[Tony Johnson]
Stud Muffin
Julian Parry
Nothing more to it other than Julian liked the name.

[Julian Parry]
Make it so
Lawrie Smart
'Make it so' was an expression used by Admiral Lord Nelson, who would go on deck, give an order to an officer and culminate with 'make it so'. Lawrie copied this style by using the expression when giving instructions to his assistant.
[Lawrie Smart]
Out of the Blue 2
Guy Winder
Although sail numbers do not show this - Out of the Blue 2 was the first Winder foam sandwich boat out of the mold - just out of the blue.
[David Winder]
Named by the boatbuilder, Steve Neal, after his favourite Suzanne Vega song, released as a single in 1987.
John Cooper
A carry over from Captain Snort (2710)
[John Cooper]
Original name:-
Spotted Dick
Dick Batt

Renamed by:-
Andy Bownes
Andy did not like the idea of being 'associated' with Spotted Dick. Scallywag was the nickname used by Andy's father and the name was chosen in his memory.
[Andy Bownes]
Time Zulu
Graham Williamson & Nick Yeoman
Time Zulu is zero hour - the time from which all other times are measured - as happens when winning races. Following Nick's untimely death after sailing the boat only once, John Bell acquired his share, and the name proved fortuitous as the boat won the nationals at the first time of asking (2000).
[Graham Willianson]
Second Thought
Chris Rathbone
Chris was carrying on a theme from his previous boat. (3451)
[Chris Rathbone]
Hakuna Matata
Andy Jones
Andy took his three children to see The Lion King. The song took their imagination.
Hakuna matata is a Swahili phrase; roughly translated, it means "no worries".

[Andy Jones]
Rong Number
Paul Davies
The builder carved the wrong number in the hog.
[Paul Hollis]
Holy Grail
Hywel Bowen Perkins
Merlin > Wizard > King Arthur > the Holy Grail.
[Hywel Bowen Perkins]
Duncan Salmon
Following the theme - (see 3518) - this boat was one of the first wave of Winder CTs, wonderfully built and engineered but lacking the mahogany fore and side decks and sycamore gunwales -  so called Gravadlax , almost smoked salmon but not quite the same.
[Duncan Salmon]
William Warren
Chambulls was William's first new boat. A popular drink at the time which seemed to sum up his shambolic sailing.
[William Warren]
Mike Anslow
The boat is a Canterbury Tales and Mike was looking for a name with a literary connection.
[Mike Anslow]
Never been to Salcombe
Richard Estaugh
Although Richard was a regular competitor on the Open Circuit, at the time the boat was purchased (2000) he had never been to Salcombe. Since then the boat has been to Salcombe and is now known as NBTS.
[Peter Male]
Original name:-
Kind of Blue
John Andrews
Kind of Blue is a reference to a Jazz record - arguably the most significant in the world of jazz
[Robert Grew]
Back to the Future
Renamed by:- 
Chris Martin
Chris sold a Winder boat 3602, to buy a wooden boat 3543. After three years he sold 3543 and bought 3583, obviously another Winder - moving Back to the Future. (The name given to a trilogy of Sci-fi films)
[Chris Martin]
After Hours
Glenn Truswell
A hull by Tony Locke, fitted out by Glenn working on it after hours at work.

[Graham Willianson]
The name in 2017 after the boat had been modified by John Fildes.
Same Old Magic
Mike Fitzpatrick

[Kieron Mason]
Re-named by:-
Kieron Mason
Kieron acquired the boat after it had been in storage for some time. This had been less kind to the fittings and the majority needed replacement so another refurb was underway (see 3548). Kieron wanted to flip the trend for ‘traditional’ white waterlines and decided on black. He admired the very dark grey of 3743 so black and grey it was.
Belinda (his wife) and Kieron had spent many hours working late into the night as students listening to Joy Division and their track Shadowplay. Thoughts of this brought back memories and it seemed to fit the boat pretty well.

[Kieron Mason]
Ted Kington
Ted’s present to himself after major heart surgery which included the provision of new Mitral valves.

[Chris Martin]
Re-named by:-
Frank Fern
Frank thought the name on the boat had been mis-spelt and had it 'corrected'.
[Chris Martin]
A boat built at the start of the 3rd millennium
[Peter Male]
Fat Bottom Girl
Colin Brockbank
As we all know - boats are feminine.  Merlins have a wide beam and a flat(ish) bottom.  A play on words.
[Colin Brockbank]
Judith Massey
Boadicea was perhaps the greatest of the Warrior Queens, and something of an inspiration for its lady owner.
[Graham Willianson]
Richard Whitworth
A song to which Richard would listen prior to sailing to get him 'in the groove'.
[Richard Whitworth]
Summit Fever
Phil Plumtree
Name taken from a book by Andrew Greig which focused on the addiction of mountaineers wanting to reach the top at all costs and the euphoria of the achievement.
Also the typeface of the cover was used by David Winder as a basis for the name on the side. 

[Phil Plumtree]
Steve Crook
The boat was purchased at the time when Harry Potter was big box office. Merlin was a wizard and Quidditch is the game wizards play in Harry Potter .
[Steve Crook]
Bah Humbug
Jim Hopton
After years of persevering with older boats Jim decided if couldn’t beat the owners of new boats he would join them.
[Chris Martin]
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