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#Boat NameOriginal Owners(s) / CrewEtymology
[Person supplying information]
Red Rooster
Spud Rowsell
A follow on of a theme - (see 1895 - 2004 - 2204 & 2604).  A Rolling Stones song.
[Spud Rowsell]
Barry Dunning
The design is a G.G Gregory 'Echo'. The boat was sponsored by the Southampton Evening Echo.
[Due to an error in setting out the boat was built too long and 1inch had to be sawn off the bow before  it would measure]

[Barry Dunning]
Wide Guy
Guy Winder
Guy's previous boat was 1285 - a Mk9, so was much looking forward to 2ft extra beam.
[Guy Winder]
Last Will and Testament
Will Godfrey
The last boat in a series - see 1999 ; 2100 ; 2448
[Noelle Wright]
Blonde on Blonde
Ian Tinker
Ian had long blonde hair and the boat was white. 'Blonde on Blonde' was arguably Bob Dylan's greatest album.
[Geoff Wright]
Flaming Bavarian
Re-named by:-
F. Schlund

[Mike Liggett]
Special Brew
Malcolm Molyneux
Named his’ Smokers’ after his regular tipple
[Geoff Wright]
Admiral Benbow
Peter Rainey
The name of the design and this was chosen by the designer - Martin Jones.
[Peter Rainey]
The Red Baron
Will Rainey
Back in 1974, 'Snoopy and the Red Baron' were all the rage, with the now very familiar posters of Snoopy sitting on his kennel in his flying googles. Also the Hotshots had released their single in 1973 - it got to #4 in the charts. Will's first new Merlin had to be The Red Baron.
[Will Rainey]
Hywel Bowen Perkins
Hywell was sailing with his brother Rhys.
Hywell And Rhys Perkins

[Hywel Bowen Perkins]
Re-named by:-
M O'Connor

[Peter Male]
Late night extra
Guy Winder
The radio programme Guy listened to whilst he was building the boat.
[Guy Winder]
Spud Rowsell
A follow on of a theme - (see 1895 - 2004 - 2204 - 2604 & 2760).  A Rolling Stones song.
[Spud Rowsell]
Dave Griffiths
Dave had qualified as a doctor. On the boat there was a slight gap after the third letter - could be worrying!
[Geoff Wright]
Chris & Liz Wilkinson
A play on the Christian names of the original owners.
[Mike Liggett]
Barry Dunning
An Infidel design. The name was a play on words to describe what the boat had done to Barry's romantic life for a whole winter whilst fitting it out.
[Barry Dunning]
R Deacon
This was a 'Fadeaway Satisfaction' - a variant of the 'Smokers Satisfaction' - hence the smoking connection.

[Jeremy Deacon]
Winder Box
Mrs Greenhalgh
Designed & built by Guy Winder - Also the design name - I guess it is self evident.
[Peter Male]
Phil King
Was whimsically named after the Goon Show character.
[Phil King]
Blood On The Tracks
Keith Probert (builder and original owner)
Sailed by Keith at Bala whilst building his next boat.
[David Foulkes]
Re- named:- Myrddin Emrys
Re-named by:- Glyn Foulkes
In the Arthurian legend, it is suggested that Merlin is based upon a figure in medieval Welsh legend - Myrddin Emrys. Glyn was Welsh and sailed at Bala so it was always going to have a Welsh name. It was actually named after "Merddin Emrys" - a steam locomotive on the Ffestiniog Railway - because it "went like a steam train"!
[David Foulkes]
Renamed :- Ice on Fire  	   	
Re-named by:- S. Mellor 

[Mike Ligget]
Returned to original name:- Myrddin Emrys
Returned to original name by:- Peter Male

[Peter Male]
Renamed:- Ice on Fire

[Peter Male]
Renamed:- Cold Feet
Re-named by:- R. Meek

[Mike Ligget]
Keith Callaghan
Simply because he said he liked the poetry of the name.
[Rod & Jo Andrew-Becker]
Re-named by:-
Don Hearn
Don became aware that by some accident there was no boat named after the design. He rectified the situation.
[Rod & Jo Andrew-Becker]
Foreign Affaire
Re-named by:-
Rod & Jo Andrew-Becker
Rod & Jo lived on the continent (Belgium & then France) and chose the name to reflect the export/import of the boat. Spelt with the final ‘e’, in English it had the connotation of a saucy french love affair (with the boat of course!), which seemed right. The French ‘affaire’ has multiple meanings**, generally around the theme of a ‘business/event/thing’ so being a foreign thing brought to France. Written on the transom rather than side, Rod hoped that people would be in the best position to read it there!
**but curiously NOT usually a love affair, or ‘liaison’, unless explicitly, ‘affaire d’amour’

[Rod & Jo Andrew-Becker]
Not known
Seagoon was a name originally used for 1810 which was renamed after it was sold in 1969.
[Peter Male]
Bare Essentials
A Wright
Re-named in 1986
[Peter Male]
Jerry Rook
An acronym from "All Scrounged Parts". The boat was fitted out using surplus parts donated by Barry Dunning. (others have suggested that Asp was short for "All Spare Parts" or "All Strange Parts" - but this has been discounted by Jerry)
[Dan Alsop]
Play on words, the original owner hoping this Hexagon design would give express performance.
[Chris Martin]
Peter Rainey
Peter won the boat in the 1975 MROA raffle. He was selling tickets (at £1.00 each) for the raffle and had one left. His brother did not want it so he had it and it won - ticket number was 800.
[Peter Rainey]
Mustard Caress
Malcolm Molyneux
Malcomn's previous boat was 2847 (a Smokers). This boat is a Mustard Seed design.  He found it very hard to find a linked name but after a few 'Special Brew' he came up with “Mustard Caress”.
[Geoff Wright]
Saint Frideswide
M. Herman
Legend has it that St. Frideswide was a Princess who founded a priory in Oxford. She is Oxford's Patron Saint
[Mike Liggett]
Miss Spent Youth
Sheffield University Sailing Club
Re-named to continue their 'Miss' theme (2379 : 2567 : 2748 ; 2749)
[Geoff Wright]
Cry Havoc
Nigel Wakefield
The origin is in the Shakespear play 'Julius Caesar'. In the scene where Mark Antony is alone with Julius Caesar's body, shortly after Caesar's assassination, he delivers a soliloquy and reveals his intention to incite the crowd at Caesar's funeral to rise up against the assassins. ‘Cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of war’.
[Jeremy Hudson]
Tony Johnson
A name with a play on letters.
[Tony Johnson]
Miss Guydid
John Pattinson
John crediting his boatbuilder on this early Winder Box.
[Guy Winder]
 Highly Spiced
Rob Holroyd
A Mustard Seed design - hence to pun.
[Rob Holroyd]
Matthew 13-31
Re-named by:-
A. Whitehead
Matthew 13-31 - The parable of the mustard seed.

........... a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.
32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, .............
A Touch of Magic
Chris Rathbone
Inspired by a discussion in the bar. Someone mentioned that they needed a touch of magic with their sailing so Chris snaffled it.
[Chris Rathbone]
After Myth
Patrick Blake
In 1975, feeling elated (2713), Patrick decided to move on and bought a Flying Dutchman so that he could have a shot at the Olympics selection. In the 1976 trials he missed out, been beaten by Rodney Pattison. Patrick then ordered a boat from Laurie Smart to compete in the Nationals.
In the aftermath of missing out at the Olympics selection - what else but to continue with the 'Myth' theme (see 2225-2246 - 2575 - 2713) and therefore 'After Myth'

[Patrick Blake]
After Burner
Alan Warren
Alan was a competitor in the Montreal Olympics 1972. His boat, with others was shipped out to Canada in a container and rough weather during the crossing resulted in boats breaking free from their cradles. Alan's boat was severely damaged and he spend most of the time allocated to local training repairing the boat. However, the repairs were never able to return the boat to it's original condition and after the games Alan considered it uneconomical to return the boat to the UK. The boat was burnt on the beach - much to the annoyance of the RYA. This was Alan's first Merlin after the event.
[Alan Warren]
Sweat Charity
Richard Bramley
Taken from a musical that was popular at the time. The title song was "Sweat Charity". - Richard's advice was to read the words.
[Richard Bramley]
Miss Laid
Sheffield University Sailing Club
The last new boat built for Sheffield University and continuing their 'Miss' theme (2379 : 2567 : 2748 : 2749 : 3016) However, the 'Miss' theme for the university was interrupted by John Pattinson with another 'Miss' name for his slightly earlier Winderbox (see 3036)
[Geoff Wright]
Blind Date
C. Humphrey
Keith Callaghan received a commission to design and build the boat. It was therefore seen as a bit of a blind date when the owner was introduced to the new boat.
[Keith Callaghan]
Phil King
A pun on the boat being at the 'leg end' of the crew.
[Phil King]
Misty Blew
Steve Leney
A play on words related to a popular song of the era  -  Misty Blue
[Steve Leney]
Foot Loose
Peter (Spud) Rowsell
Nothing to do with fancy free - the first boat with a loose footed main.
[Peter Male]
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