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Dear all 
I have just liberated a beautiful Rocket from a barn where it had lain untouched in the dark for 20 years. It is in remarkable condition with a near brand new set of sails (‘99)inc 4 spinnakers and immaculate varnish work. The mast is now up- in a fashion, but to be honest I’ve never seen so many control options and the spinnaker set up can wait for another day! 
Would anyone be able to give me some pointers? I have sailed before, Lazers, Toppers, Hobie cats and yachts, just never something quiet this trimmable. Located North Dorset.
Many thanks Jonathan

Posted: 04/08/2019 20:38:45
Welcome to the class!
I’ve noticed your getting some assistance on the Facebook revival site which is great to see.
Hope we see you at some open events, we seem to be having a resurgence in wooden boats coming out to play this year so no reason not come.
Please do join the association lots of info in the year book and a quarterly magazine.

Posted: 05/08/2019 19:36:11
By: Martin Smith


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