Topic : Count down to Salcombe

In the run up to Salcombe along with preparing your boats and getting physically fit for the racing (and yes, the bar) its worth glancing over Philly Factor and Downhams 'Top Tips' which include some handy hints on Salcombe.... this stuff is priceless!

Posted: 15/06/2007 14:47:13
By: Rachel
There must be others which could be added here?!!!!

Posted: 15/06/2007 15:11:48
By: Salcombe virgin
prepare for the Auto-Gybe, as much as you don't want it to happen, it will....Salcombe YC very kindly marked the exact place where it is likely to happen with a bright orange triangle on each side of the estuary bank. 

It also doubles up as a start line...and yes it is right infront of prime spectator viewing areas.. :-D

Posted: 15/06/2007 16:03:32
By: Burn
When launching from Batson boat park aka "the dump"...Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES turn left. NO there is not enough water and YES you will end up mud walking!! 
Stick to the channel!

Posted: 15/06/2007 16:04:39
By: Burn
read-up on Salcombe slang...
learn what the following means:
Snapes Point - don't cut the corner

Ditch End - nice lift

The Bag...goes with Bagged - first to last in a blink of an eye

Salcombed - see above, however it can also be a good thing for vintage boat owners finding themselves out in front when leaders have been bagged/ salcombed

weedstick - childs fishing net bastardised to flick that damn slimy stuff off your fixed rudder *essential item*

Tides - you may think you know, but you don't...there are times when it pays to cross BIG TIME and others when it is downright daft to...the trick is knowing when and where!

The South Sands Ferry - don't mess with him

The fairway - stay out of it at the start...

Anyone else care to add some!!? It's nice to think about Salcombe when at work!!!!

Posted: 15/06/2007 16:11:51
By: Burn
Ah, for a weedstick...if only I had made one a few years ago, I'd have an intact gunwhale, and my crew would still have a fully-functional thumb...

Posted: 15/06/2007 17:21:41
By: Mags
I must emphasise that you shouldn't turn left when lauching, but what ever you do dont go right towards the concrete wall wen u havnt got a rudder on whilst being towed. This is a recipe for disaster and u will get an earful from the helm in the uncontrolable expensive merlin whilst your driving his little crappy orange inflatable with 2 hp. We found the mud walking far better than a smashed boat!!

Posted: 17/06/2007 21:53:35
By: Crew driving tiny motor boat
The ferry steps.... they go further out than you might think!

Posted: 18/06/2007 08:29:27
By: Rachel
It is perfectly possible to remove your transom with your fixed rudder in the middle of the channel running out from Batson at dead low water.  If you do this on the Saturday before the racing starts the only remedy is to get really drunk on the Saturday night in the bar, decide after talking to Hywel that as it is now high water you can get your transomless boat up to Scud's yard, apply duck tape where transom should be and accept tow from Hywel's RIB.  Amazingly, mission accomplished!

The shallow patch (unless they have dredged it better by now!) is just before the midchannel marker at the turn by the Salcombe - you have been warned!

Posted: 18/06/2007 08:57:04
By: Andrew M
Just added some photos taken early in 2006 to the Blithfield website (the webmaster will now go bananas!)

Andrew - hope that this helps you navigate out of Batson - but watch out for 'Nessie' by the castle.

Posted: 18/06/2007 19:30:19


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