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25/10/2020 25/10/2020


Thunderous storms had filled the river overnight, but the morning rain cleared just in time for the sailors of the 14 boats to venture out into the strong stream. Our race officer started the race in good time as the wind started to fill in.

In contrast with the rest of the country, the winds at Hampton were light, with Hywel and Flynn Perkins taking an early lead in the first race by sticking to the Surrey bank. They were chased hard by Arthur Henderson and Livvy Bell, and Ben Palmer and Bruna De Queiroz around the first mark, just ahead of the chasing bunch. On the fourth and final lap, as the boats headed up towards Platt’s Eyot for the last time, the wind completely shut off. A few boats, led by Simon Girven and Richard Parslow, seized the opportunity to find a new breeze down by the barges on the Middlesex bank. Much of the fleet came together, with Arthur & Livvy emerging ahead of Simon & Richard followed by Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts who were hotly chased by Hywel and Flynn across the line.

With an efficient turnaround thanks to superb Race Officer Jane Chambers, we were straight into the second race, now with a little more wind. Finding the breeze on the Middlesex bank this time were Rob and Hattie Cage, extending into an early lead, followed by Phil Dalby and Suzi Bell. Things were going well for Rob & Hattie on the next lap, beating again up the Middlesex bank with a healthy lead, before they caught a tree in the rig and got stuck! The lead disappeared quickly, but they managed to brush off the leaves just in time to keep back Arthur & Livvy. Those two places were held to the finish, with Ben & Bruna taking third.

During the lunch break the results were delicately poised – a win in the third race would seize the event for either Rob & Hattie, Simon & Richard or Arthur & Livvy.

Simon & Richard seized the initiative, getting away from the bunch at the outer distance end. Things weren’t great for Arthur & Livvy, buried in the pack, but they were even worse for Rob & Hattie, who took a 720 off the line. As the dust settled, Simon & Richard built a healthy lead, chased by the duelling Bells of Suzi & Livvy, along with their respective helms, with Rob & Hattie making up ground through the fleet. The last two laps were dramatic, as Simon & Richard sailed into a hole right by the clubhouse, bringing them within striking distance. Arthur & Livvy got alongside twice, but couldn’t make it stick! Both times, Simon & Richard got away again. On the final run both boats were nervous as Rob & Hattie were making a charge! The three boats rounded the last mark bow-to-stern, but there were no overtaking lanes on the short fetch to the finish. Simon & Richard sailed in front of the clubhouse to take the race win, and the event! Arthur & Livvy held on to second, with the fast charging Rob & Hattie taking third.

The sun managed to stick around for prize giving outside and Hampton provided an outside bar for competitors to enjoy before making their way home!


Merlin Open Meeting 2020

Hampton Sailing Club


Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Rating system: PY, Entries: 14, Scoring system: Low Points Sytem, RRS, Appendix A.2
RankBoatSailNoHelmNameCrewClubRace 1
Race 2
Race 3
1stSplatter1631S GirvenR ParslowHampton2.0(4.0)
2ndGrand Teton1201A HendersonO BellHampton1.0(2.0)
3rdHullabalou1692R CageH CageThames(5.0)
4thOnions1761P DalbyS BellHampton(6.0)
5th??2152B PalmerB de QueirozThames(11.0)
6th 1230J McLoughlanS RobertsTamesis3.07.0(9.0)19.010.0
7thChindit578R PageP PageHampton(8.0)
8thElusive3347H Bowen-PerkinsF Bowen-PerkinsHampton4.09.0(15.0 DNS)28.013.0
9thFlinkidink1097S JenkinsN ScaddonHampton7.0(10.0)
10thAfter Myth3054M HunterT WilliamsUpper Thames10.0(11.0)
11thAvalanche3341J HeathB PeerlessHampton9.08.0(10.0)27.017.0
12th 3704J HorwoodR HallWembley(12.0)
13thFat Bottom Girl3589J HollandsA ParkerHampton(13.0)
14th 3599N CooperC WheelerHampton(14.0)

Thames Series Overall

Rank Boat SailNo Club HelmName CrewName Ranelagh Upper Thames Tamesis Hampton
1st Grand Teton 1201 Hampton SC John Bell Livvy Bell -3 2 1 1
2nd Katy Lou 1493 Hampton SC Alex Jackson Alex Warren 2 1 (56.0 DNC) 10
3rd Tiersel 901 Cookham Reach SC Pat Blake Jilly Blake 7 3 (56.0 DNC) 13
4th Shenandoah 3088 Hampton SC Andrew Mills Ellie Mills 11 (56.0 DNC) 6 7
5th After Myth 3054 Upper Thames SC Martin Hunter Tim Williams -17 7 13 5
6th Hullabalou 1692 Thames SC Rob Cage Hatty Cage 1 14 (56.0 DNC) 12
7th Flinkidink 1097 Hampton SC Stuart Jenkins Nicola Scaddan -25 9 15 6
8th Lady Hyperion 2037 Medley SC Richard Burton Miles Phillips -28 11 14 9
9th Samanda 596 Tamesis SC Tim Medcalf Valerie Hamill 21 8 8 (56.0 DNC)
10th Pooh 1189 Thames SC Carl Mayhew Mayra Vivo-Torres 19 (56.0 DNC) 10 56.0 DNC
11th Onions 1761 Hampton SC Phil Dalby Suzi Bell (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 2
12th Crescendo 607 Tamesis SC Andrew Harris Matty Key (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 2 56.0 DNC
13th Dipsomania 2152 Thames SC Ben Palmer Bruna de Queiroz (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 3
14th Passing Cloud 1079 Tamesis SC Richard Harris Ian Ramage (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 3 56.0 DNC
15th Elusive 3347 Hampton SC Hywel Bowen-Perkins James Warren (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 4
16th Chimp 1357 Tamesis SC David Baker Jim Green (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 4 56.0 DNC
17th Keto 799 Upper Thames SC John Meadowcroft Ollie Meadowcroft (56.0 DNC) 4 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
18th Puff the Magic Dragon 3641 Salcombe YC Mark Waterhouse Arthur Henderson 4 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
19th Luka 3560 Tamesis SC Oliver Houseman Matty Valentine (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 5 56.0 DNC
20th Exequisite 2266 Upper Thames SC Chris Rathbone Sonia Rathbone (56.0 DNC) 5 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
21st Salmon en Croute 3702 Wembley SC Duncan Salmon Harriet Salmon 5 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
22nd Satisfaction 2604 Upper Thames SC Jeremy Stein Nicki Binks (56.0 DNC) 6 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
23rd Wild at Heart 3709 Upper Thames SC Rob Henderson Alice Markham 6 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
24th Pandemonium 3152 St Edmundsbury Michael Steele Debs Steele (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 7 56.0 DNC
25th Chindit 578 Hampton SC Richard Page Peter Page (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 8
26th Cream Cracker 2997 Fishers Green Christian Hill Gabriel Hill 8 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
27th Lovebyte 3334 Tamesis SC Chris Balmbro William Balmbro (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 9 56.0 DNC
28th Where's Wooster 3745 Wembley SC Paul Dean Hannah Burt 9 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
29th Firestarter 3548 Upper Thames SC Kevin Rose Sue MacKenzie (56.0 DNC) 10 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
30th Sublime 3724 Tamesis SC Joe McLaughlin Sean Roberts 10 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
31st Splatter 1631 Hampton SC Simon Girven Richard Parslow (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 11
32nd Masquerade 995 Tamesis SC Matthew Peregrine-Jones Hattie Peregrine-Jones (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 11 56.0 DNC
33rd La Volente 1596 Thames SC Sel Shah Jemma Horwood (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 12 56.0 DNC
34th Shindig 3502 Upper Thames SC Scott Smith Theo Smith (56.0 DNC) 12 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
35th Nutshell 1742 Fishers Green Jon Steward Annabel Steward 12 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
36th The White Rabbit 3578 Fishers Green Godfrey Clark Matteo Mancini 13 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
37th Avalanche 3341 Hampton SC John Heath Claude Wheeler (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 14
38th Deep Thought 3451 Upper Thames SC Martin Whitworth Carole Whitworth (56.0 DNC) 14 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
38th Gently 16 Hampton SC Mervyn Allen Laura Stock (56.0 DNC) 14 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
40th Strings Attached 3750 Upper Thames SC Neal Lillywhite Freya Lillywhite 14 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
41st Factory Maid 3704 Thames SC Jemma Horwood Helen Hilditch 15 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
42nd War Horse 1939 Tamesis SC Peter Impey Paul Nebel (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 16 56.0 DNC
43rd Fat Bottom Girl 3589 Hampton SC John Hollands Ra Parker 16 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
44th Take It Easy 3606 Tamesis SC Joseph Woods Emma Woods (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 17 56.0 DNC
45th Ragtime 3479 Tamesis SC Rupert Fletcher Tim Ginn (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 18 56.0 DNC
46th Diabolo 214 Shoreham SC William Warren Megan Pascoe 18 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
47th Kate 1 Ranelagh SC Fran Gifford Sophie Mackley 20 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
48th Crazy Diamond 3510 Ranelagh SC Adil Khan Adam Khan 22 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
49th Scoobee Doo 2444 Ranelagh SC Thomas Stolper David Stolper 23 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
50th Birthday Suit 3073 South Bank SC Allan Munro-Faure Renato Hidalgo 24 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
51st Boadicea 3592 Ranelagh SC Martin Woolny Talia 26 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
52nd Eureka 3106 Ranelagh SC Pietro Foschi Russell Hall 27 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
53rd Nimrod 654 Ranelagh SC Brian Clarke Gretel Scott 29 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
54th Undine 3061 Ranelagh SC Alex Hamilton Celeste Bengue 30 (56.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC
55th Phantom 2744 Ranelagh SC Matt Brien Henry Anwald (56.0 DNF) 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 56.0 DNC


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