Results :: Salcombe Y.C. Open Meeting

11/04/2015 12/04/2015


With forty Merlin Rockets, twenty five Solos and a sixteen strong Handicap fleet, there was plenty to keep the race team busy.

Race officers Simon Ballantine and Dan Bridger gave the Merlins a cruise of the creeks on both mornings, when there was plenty of water in the harbour, but went for the default Gerston Blackstone option on Saturday afternoon and a race around the harbour on a windy Sunday afternoon.

One of the joys of the dinghy racing is the opportunity for Corinthian sailors to compete against the very best simply by turning up, and the Merlin Open benefited from the presence of London 2012 silver medallists Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell racing against each other Stuart Bithell and Katherine Kimber dominated day one, with two bullets, from Chris Gould and Caroline Croft in the morning and Matt Biggs and John Hackett in the afternoon.

Sunday saw a Force 4/5 on day two straight down the estuary and more than a few bleary heads. Luke Patience and Andy "Taxi" Davis established had big lead going to Gerston, but it was Sam and Megan Pascoe who eventually developed a strong lead from Jon Gorringe and Nicky Bass.

Half the fleet decided to give the afternoon race miss after two days of solid racing. Once again Patience and Taxi took the lead at the windward mark only to capsize allowing Alex Jackson and Fran Gifford to take took over the lead. After lots of place changing and capsizing Olly Turner and Hamish Kilburn came through to take a convincing win in an increasing wind from Stuart Bithell.
By David Greening


PosnSail No.Helm/CrewR1R2R3R4Pts
13742Stuart Blithell/Katherine Kimber11[4]24
23754Jon Gorringe/Nikki Bass[8]3249
33673Chris Gould/Caroline Croft2[6]3611
43759Sam Pascoe/Megan Pascoe6[9]1512
53684Luke Patience/Andy Davis4[8]5312
63656Olly Turner/Hamish Kilburn[10]58114
73743Matt Biggs/John Hackett3213[39]18
83707Alex Jackson/Fran Gifford[11]47819
93756William Warren/Mark Oakey51211[31]28
103611Jen Taylor/Chris Dodds97[16]1632
113690Tim Harridge/Lucy Burn14[26]101236
123735Dave Winder/Pippa Taylor718[39]1338
133764Tim Fells/Oli Wells17166[39]39
143685Sophie Mackley/James Warren16[19]17740
153710Jon Ibbotson/Chris Kilsby21[24]91141
163702Duncan Salmon/Harriet Salmon[23]14151443
173694Steve Tyler/Amy Tyler1820[21]1048
183744Chris Martin/Jo Tosh[27]2119949
193703Richard Whitworth/Chloe Brennan251312[39]50
203769Graham Cranford‑smith/Fiona Cranford‑smith1525[39]1555
213700Richard Adams123414[39]60
223539Dan Alsop/Jennie King241522[39]61
233709Tom Lonsdale/Alice Markham1310[39]3962
243580Mike Mackey/Claire Knight312220[39]73
253675Mike Fenwick/Penny Fenwick282918[39]75
263751Mark Barwell/Louise Johnson222726[39]75
273564Rob Kennaugh/Abi Spurr1917[39]3975
283730Paul Hollis/Rebecca Male263023[39]79
293765Richard Dee/Phil Scott2023[39]3982
303683Ben Jones/Helen Hilditch303125[39]86
313547Peter Male/Tim Male293227[39]88
323749Christian Birrell/Tom Pygal[39]11393989
333566James Wells/Liz Wells333524[39]92
343725AJ Squire/Laura Squire3228[39]3999
353561Keiron O Farrell/Fionn O Farrell3633[39]31100
363734Phil Ashworth/Ali Ashworth343828[39]100
373451Jemma Hughes/Philippa Daniels3539[39]39113
383770David Hayes/Jonny Ratcliff[39]393939117


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