Lyme Transport Assistance - payment in beer!

01/08/2018 17:47:10
Hi all,

Really excited to come down to our first Nationals in Lyme but may need some assistance with the journey southward from Manchester. 

Possibly in ignorance of what scrutineering involved and when, we have booked trains which are due to get in at 4ish. However, we now have SW Rail strikes to contend with which make things tricky. 

Is anyone travelling from the North who would be willing to help with a lift down? We can travel to most places first thing on Saturday from Manchester. Just 2 guys with kit bags and some average journey playlists!

Or is there anyone who has space in the car who would pass one of the following locations en route and be able/willing to help us out?


Any help would be much appreciated, and rewarded handsomely with beer/gin tokens!! We would also obviously put our bit towards the mileage/petrol.

Let me know if you can help


02/08/2018 09:51:55
stuart gurney
Hi Tom
if you come by train I guess you will arrive at Axminster - I could possibly / probably pick you up and deliver you to he bar 

03/08/2018 14:01:19
julian parry
You can fly Manchester to Exeter 8:35 Sat morning for £35


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