Midland S C Silver Tiller

07/05/2018 22:19:04
The next restricted ST event takes place on 20th May and will also count towards the Midland Circuit.  As usual  a hot lunch will be provided for competitors.  For those who feel the need for breakfast before the sailing starts, hot drinks and bacon sandwiches will also be available.
The water level at Edgbaston Reservoir is high and the race officer and his team are ready, so we look forward to many Merlin Rocketeers joining us for a good day's racing.
For further information, please contact Mike Anslow on 07837 819088, or get in touch with Chris Martin the MROA  Chairman who sails at Midland.

16/05/2018 12:23:01
Ian Mackenzie

16/05/2018 15:26:54
Chris Martin
Bacon rolls available on arrival
Various jacket potatoes for lunch.

16/05/2018 23:17:01
Chris Martin
Start 11
Briefing 10:30 
Boats can be left on Saturday if people need to.
Anything else please get in touch :) 

24/05/2018 14:45:00

Can't find the results here, on Y&Y or Midland website. Can someone kindly email them to me.

 Thanks, Ross 

24/05/2018 16:50:39
Thanks Chris for forwarding


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