Wembley Open - 18 March 2018

04/03/2018 13:05:40
The Wembley Silver Tiller is 18 March 2018 and we are ready with our usual race team and looking forward to welcoming you all.
Entry Fee: £15 (£5 for under 21 boat)
First Start: 11:30
Races: 3
Launch Time: 5 minutes 
As ever we are including bacon butty and lunch in the entry fee.
Parking is getting tighter and I suggest:
 - Unhitch your boat by the club gate then drive round and use the main car park (as most already do)
 - Leave roadside and the limited club parking space for those who vehicles that don't meet car park height restriction
When you arrive do walk the boat round the shore as there is plenty of space including beach launch at the far end.
Get in touch if you need Friday or Saturday drop-off or any other help.
Look forward to seeing everyone.

11/03/2018 19:07:29
Looks decent wind for Wembley. Looking forward to my bacon butty

17/03/2018 12:27:02
All systems go should be a cracking day 

18/03/2018 10:02:00
Mornin. Is racing on today?

18/03/2018 12:17:09
It is!

18/03/2018 17:24:05
Anthony Rickaby
Thank you all those that visited Wembley today to make another memorable sail. 
3684Bartley SCAndy DavisAlex Warren1.0(3.0)
3743BlithfieldMatt BiggsBelia Jones2.0(4.0)
3791ParkstoneJohn GorringePete Gray4.01.0(21.0 DNS)26.05.0
3764Salcombe YCTim FellsFran Gifford(3.0)
3673BlithfieldCaroline CroftMatt Lulham-Robinson5.05.0(21.0 RET)31.010.0
3770Brun SC/Hayling Island SCJack holdenRob Henderson6.0(21.0 RET)
3726Salcombe YCWill HendersonMary Henderson(11.0)
3766TVSCAndrew DalbyDarling Wazza(7.0)
3634Fishers Green SCRichard CoulterChristian Hill8.0(9.0)
3745WSCPaul DeanSzymon Matyjoszcuh(13.0)
3682Fishers Green SCJohn StewardHarry Steward(15.0)
3702WSCDuncan SalmonHarriet Salmon9.011.0(21.0 RET)41.020.0
3637WSCAlan BroadbentRussell Hall12.0(21.0 DNS)
3790WSCColin BrockbankVana10.012.0(21.0 RET)43.022.0
3717WSCJohn GreenJames16.013.0(21.0 DNS)50.029.0
3686RYAJeremy DeaconMike Janowicz14.0(21.0 RET)21.0 RET56.035.0
3675RYADavid CroftRosie Richards17.0(21.0 RET)21.0 DNS59.038.0
3715Wembley SCRichard CookeLuke Moore(21.0 RET)21.0 RET21.0 DNS63.042.0
3535Welsh Harp Sailing ClubEdward CoyneChris Lomas(21.0 RET)21.0 DNS21.0 DNS63.042.0
3668WSCMark SmythJulie Cronshaw(21.0 RET)21.0 DNS21.0 DNS63.042.0


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