Crew Training at Wembley

14/12/2017 09:53:26

Sunday 7th January 2018 10am-3pm

This free training event is being hosted by Wembley Sailing Club and is open to Wembley and surrounding clubs such as Fishers Green and our friends on the Thames. The focus is on crew technique. You can bring your own boat or come and use a WSC boat - subject to availability.


Fran Gifford, the Salcombe Week 2017 winning crew, has kindly volunteered to share her knowledge. To register please email Anthony Rickaby ([email protected]).


14/12/2017 14:15:28
I'm afraid Fishers Green are holding their Icicle Race/Annual Prize-giving Dinner on that day. Such a pity, as our next weekend is a work-party and no sailing!


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