Nationals 2016?

15/07/2015 21:46:33
Hello, Just wondering if the dates are known for nationals next year (2016)? thank you! :)

16/07/2015 08:20:41
Chris M
13th-18th August at Penzance according to my spreadsheet

16/07/2015 17:21:50
Ian Mackenzie
13th - 19th August to be precise.
And just for completeness - Pwllheli 2017  - 12th - 18th August

16/07/2015 18:28:40
Chris M
if it's anything like the last time we did Penzance i'll need the last day off!!

17/11/2015 13:24:23
Sophie and I are coming up to our first anniversary in Merlins (Bosham/Chi) ... still a bit green … frequently wet!
Having missed the oh-so-speedy sign up for Salcome-2016, I'd like not to miss an entry for the Nationals next year.
Is there a qualifying series / limit on numbers as for Salcome - and when/where can we submit an entry?
Many thanks

18/11/2015 14:08:41
Hello everyone,

A quick update...

Preparations for the Champs are underway – organisation with the club has begun, and entries will open in the New Year.

Penzance hosted us in 2010, so have experience of running our (and many other classes’) champs, and last time both sailing and social were epic!

As well as the racing, we are looking at the fun and games to be had off the water – the general theme will be “Rum and Rio”, as it is an Olympic year and Pirates (who live in Penzance) like to drink rum.

We’ll provide further details on things including accommodation, how to get there (possibly including a ‘Merlin convoy’ for the trip down!) and other land based adventures to be had by friends and families in the not too distant future.

Start getting excited; they have blue sky, green sea, sandy beaches, and Atlantic wind and waves down there! 

All the best,

Tim & Lucy, your Champs organisers.


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