Banbury ST and Midland Series Open 19th April

14/04/2015 20:52:56
This coming Sunday (19th April) sees the Silver Tiller Open (Restricted category) and Midland Series event at Banbury Sailing Club.  The weather forecast looks good with champagne sailing conditions predicted rather than the gale force winds experienced in the last two years.

The road gate will be open from 8.30am (if I get up in time) and you will be able to drop your boats off by the two slipways. Bacon butties, coffee and tea available on arrival as part of your entry fee. A hot lunch can be booked when you sign in - will probably be curry and chilli followed by excellent puddings.

As its likely to be champagne sailing conditions, the first prize is a couple of bottles of bubbly along with your name on the Banbury Cross trophy along with legends such às Jack Holt, John Brain and Phil King. The current holder is Matt Biggs who has held off all comers for the last three runnings. Who can wrest it from his grasp.

As this event has been designated as one of the Classic mini-series then if enough of the recently designated classic boats (3571 and below) turn up then they will also have a prize to compete for.

We hope to welcome all our friends from across the UK. If anyone has any questions or wants to drop off their boat early, give me a call on 01926 812694.

Richard Turner

19/04/2015 20:29:58
30 boats out at Banbury enjoying an excellent days racing.  We even saw 9 Classic boats turn out to compete in the new Classic series.
Despite the Leneys managing to snatch the second race, Matt Biggs and John Hackett won the first and third races to put his name on the Banbury Cross Trophy for the 4th time in succession.
Full results and  more commentary will follow in the next couple of days as soon as I get over the aches and pains from today's sailing.

20/04/2015 11:46:28
Just a big thank you to Banbury for hosting an excellent day's racing and to the caterers and everyone else who gave up their time to help with the meeting.  We visited every mark in the lake repeatedly and got a pretty good beat up the length of it as well as a lot of gybing practice in race 3 with the downwind zig-zag.  Very friendly and hospitable and the curry and marmelade bread & butter pudding were very good for putting back the spent calories, great value for £5 a head.  Could well be back for a repeat next year,
Andrew, Heaven Sent 3511

20/04/2015 12:05:54
We had never been to Banbury before - what a nice place and friendly welcome! We will certainly return again.
Endorse all Andrew has said.
Dave C

20/04/2015 13:07:26
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Sad not to have made the event. But we did get the boat out for a shake down sail. Increased my jobs list a bit.

Sounds like a great turn out of classic merlons. Great news.


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