Wembley Silver Tiller - 15 March

18/02/2015 10:13:37

 I noticed the tweet "... excited about the 2015 Silver Tiller kicking off in just 4 weeks..." and this year we start with Wembley on Sunday 15 March.

The prizes have arrived, food is included in entry fee, so get the date in your diary and look forward to seeing you all at Wembley.


18/02/2015 10:45:27
Olly Turner
Count Hamish and I in for playing at Wembley!!

18/02/2015 22:23:04
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hey olly

Tell Hamish to keep his head a bit more still when he's filming with his Gopro.

Great vids but he's got a lotta shake...!!!

19/02/2015 09:55:46
Olly Turner
But he's always on look out for the next gust/shift! 

Have you seen the one of me falling out of the boat....... hilarious!!

04/03/2015 10:51:12
Olly Turner
Is it possible to sail on the Saturday too? Only looking to practice, I'd like to get two days sailing in for the mileage.

06/03/2015 09:08:52
Anthony Rickaby

 If anyone wants to drop their boat off on the Saturday 14th before the open then let me know so I can arrange for someone (me probably!) to meet you and let you in. As a minimum that allows some early practice on the 15th. 

Olly - can I check and get back to you on sailing on 14th. I know another club are using the water for some GP14 Instructor training. If others are wanting to do the same then let me know.
Any of the more local sailors wanting to sail this Sunday (8th) as a warm up then please come along. Racing is 10am and 12noon. If you plan to arrive before 9am let me know so I can be there early to let you in.
For the 15th, the club will be open from 8am and teas, bacon butties from 9am. 

06/03/2015 17:37:59
Anthony Rickaby

Olly - yes do come sail on the Saturday. Someone will need to unlock the main gate to allow you to get your boat in so let me know nearer the time when you expect to arrive. Phone 0208 909 0816.

 The Welsh Harp is shared and is mainly used by our neighbouring club on the Saturday though it is free to be used by all. Keeping out of the way of any club racing and/or trainees would be appreciated.

08/03/2015 16:10:35
Anthony Rickaby

The Vitality North London Half Marathon will mean some road closures near Wembley Sailing Club.

Please see [click here] or http://northlondonhalf.com/system/uploads/2015/02/Go2-Events-NL-Half-Traffic-Map_2015_AW.pdf for detailed information. Looking at local road notices the closures are 8.30am to 12.15pm and could affect arrivals.

If you come via the M40/A40 then the North Circular Road (A406) - as many will do - then coming off at Neasden onto the A4088 is fine.

09/03/2015 18:18:11
Piers Lambert

 Tried to look at Notice of Race poster on Wembley SC website but wont come up!

Can you post details or start and entry cost etc

See you Sunday 

09/03/2015 22:48:08
Anthony Rickaby
Entry Fee: £15
Briefing: 10:45
First start: 11:30
Races: 3 races back to back with 2 to count
Launch time: 5 minutes

Entry fee includes, free tea/coffee and bacon roll on arrival, free mars bars on the water, and prizes for places and first helm & crew with a combined age over 100 sailing for the Century Cup.

Then there is (free) chilli con carne or vegetarian chilli after racing.

10/03/2015 14:28:13
Looks glorious conditions for Sunday , can't wait 

People can leave their boats at Wembley for the hamble  weekend but need to arrange door opening with Antony or my owner the treasurer , bit early for Walkeies methinks. Woof woof

14/03/2015 18:09:06
Anthony Rickaby

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday for the Wembley open.

If you were the proud winner of Wembley's Century Cup (combined age over 100) could you bring it along if you are coming or call me on 0208 909 0816. Thanks.

16/03/2015 07:16:39
Anthony Rickaby

Full results soon and a report on its way.

1st Tom Stewart and James Dawes
2nd Nick Craig and Tom Pygall
3rd Dave Winder and Pippa Taylor
4th Andy Davis and Caroline Croft 
5th Olly Turner and Hamish Kilburn
6th Tim Fells and Oli Wells
Century trophy awarded to helm and crew with combined age over 100 went to Alan and Sue Markham
Wembley's spot prize was awarded for first boat in the classic/vintage category and went to Dave and Abigail Croft

16/03/2015 08:54:58
40 boats fantastic

Well dun Anthony for all the organisation

16/03/2015 11:27:01
Frances Gifford
Thanks to Wembley SC for a great day.  Super slick on the organisation and race management.  Great catering, all included within the entry fee.  40 boats, the wind blowing the length of the lake.
It made a fantastic start to the 2015 Silver Tiller!
Thanks again,

17/03/2015 08:21:50
Yes a great day and well run. We were glad the races got off quickly!
Are there any photo's? I seem to remember someone in a safety boat taking pics.


17/03/2015 09:59:00
Anthony Rickaby

Photos to follow soon. We have some 'from the shore' photos which I hope will be available today, then the 'on the water' snaps will follow.

Results ready and report drafted, I just need to review the report,  pick the best photos, and send to the right people.....

I know the Wembley team really enjoyed welcoming everyone who came and made it a great day.

17/03/2015 10:47:14
Anthony Rickaby

Photo link below with more to follow and do say if you have any problems accessing this site.


The beautiful lady in the blue jeans and pale blue top handing out the prizes had spent the day in the galley from 8am with her friend Jean ... and she was still smiling. Amazing.


22/03/2015 17:35:48
Anthony Rickaby

Photos now on flickr just click here.

I see Y&Y posted the report, results and some photos and I should thank Duncan Salmon for the write up and Ben Shorten of Wembley Sailing Club for the photos.




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