Ranelagh Silver Tiller - Sunday 11am.

30/09/2014 13:05:50
Frances Gifford
Hi All,
This Sunday sees the Silver Tiller circuit move to Ranelagh SC, on Putney Embankment.  It is one race on a pretty open bit of the Thames.  Real tide that flows in both directions.
One ten pound note will buy you all of the following:
2 x bacon in French Bread
2 x sit down lunch
1 x entry fee for one merlin rocket
Unlimited tea and coffee on arrival
Free parking in the side streets
Last year the event (non ST) attracted 31 boats.  Please do come and join us, we love having visitors and will make everyone extremely welcome.
11am start.
Any questions or crew requirements please give me a call.

06/10/2014 09:40:52
Andrew Mills
Well, did anything happen?

I couldn't make it because of family commitments but looking at the conditions from 3 miles down the road there was distressingly little wind & I feared a repeat of races I have had in the past where the fleet goes down on the tide to a mark north of Craven Cottage & kedges till the tide turns.


Once I remember rolling up the sails before we went over the finish line, then just paddling to the shore.

06/10/2014 11:41:16
Frances Gifford
Quite a lot of things happened.  29 boats arrived, rigged their boats on the embankment.  Lots of chat.  Bacon rolls were eaten and tea was drunk.  Racing was postponed in the hope that some wind may arrive.  Occasionally a very small amount of wind would arrive.  The Ranelagh Commodore occasionally went sailing to see if there was any wind on the river.  There was discussion as to why the Thames Barrier was shut.  This meant the water level was low, but there was also very little tide running which may have helped.  The odd zephyr that came through was always from a different direction to the previous one.  Racing was cancelled.  The wind filled in a little bit more as this was being announced.  Then it promptly dropped off again to nothing.  Boats were derigged and chicken cassoulet was eaten, washed down by a couple of lagers.
Thanks to everyone for coming.  A sad end to a well-organised event, with attendees from Shoreham, Blithfield, Cookham, Upper Thames, Hampton, Thames, Minima and Starcross!!
There was actually no wind.
Hopefully see you all next year..


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