Bloody Mary on Saturday

06/01/2014 18:30:59
Frances Gifford
Hi All,

This Saturday (11th) is the Bloody Mary. Last year we had the highest entry with 31 merlins. Its a fantastic event to compete in. Hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes and well organised as this will be the 41st one.

In my mind its the highest profile of the winter events and a great place to showcase merlin rockets.

So if you're in two minds about whether to go or not - the one that thinks you should go is the right one.

Hopefully see you all on saturday.


(If you were in the top 15 of the 2013 Silver Tiller overall and weren't able to make the prizegiving dinner, I have your glass and will be bringing them along. Please come and find me).

07/01/2014 08:59:33
I hope they are strapped on tight Andrew!!

I know there was a couple of Cookham boats that would have been there too if it had not been for unwanted events (like work!).

07/01/2014 09:00:38
Fran, if you can convince my boss to give me the day off I would love to come!!

Seriously, a good event which I do every year I can.

08/01/2014 16:54:17
Olly Turner
16 entries and counting, top line up.....see you all there!
08/01/2014 16:55:57
Olly Turner
Online entry closes 12pm tonight! Hassle free entry with no need to register on the day or even attend the briefing as its online!

08/01/2014 21:39:15
Rob Wilder
I've entered in 1097 "Flinkidink" so hoping the breeze is light!!

13/01/2014 09:53:59
Mark (3442)
Far better breeze than was forecast and and great to see 25 Merlins out!


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