09/12/2013 19:10:58
Chris M
I'm not sure how but the dates for the following fixtures in the magazine are wrong. Please take the web as gospel.

Bartley (Midland Circuit)

I can't see any others, but if any other discrepancies show up please post.

09/12/2013 19:57:51
Pat Blake
Did I get this wrong or have they changed?
I think Bartley is my fault becuase I put it in after Chichester and the 30th comes after the 17th!
Salcombe - that is the Silver Tiller not the week - is down as a Sunday and Monday so I guess that is a cut and past issue too, but it is only a day out!
Whitstable I seem to remember clashed with Minima, or was it Thames?
Anyway if it is my fault I am sorry.

09/12/2013 20:31:02
Chris M
No worries, I don't know what's happened to be honest - doesn't matter really as long as people know that the website is what's happening.

Blithfield is missing also, 26th October.

Cheers :)


09/12/2013 20:58:57
Dave C
So Whitstable is definitely 14th/15th June? (not 22nd/23rd)

09/12/2013 21:26:33
Chris M

All dates are as the website

09/12/2013 23:36:01
Who cares about the words - just look at the pictures!!

10/12/2013 08:42:55
Mark Barnes
Yes according to JC last weekend. If you need further clarification, just do a search for tides and will see that the latter weekend's tides are wrong.

10/12/2013 16:57:37
[email protected]
14/15 June it  is. The tides the following weekend are bad


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