Next years Silver Tiller/Midland Circuit

15/10/2013 08:29:01
Chris M
Next years events can be found on the link below.

Hopefully it's a nicer spread this year, we've tried to keep "big" events down to two per month.

Venue wise Blackpool and Lymington are back in, Abersoch takes a year off and Parkstone is only the harbour. This is because we have potential south coast sea events coming out of our ears this year, partly because of the Dinner/Sea event at Salcombe. It's intended to return to the two day/two event format next year at this stage.

Feedback/comments via email are welcome.

Enjoy :)
15/10/2013 12:44:20
Hi Chris and everyone involved. What great organisation to get next years schedule out so soon. It can't be easy coordinating all those clubs! It's so useful to have this when various members of the family are involved with other sailing events. Great job! much appreciated.

15/10/2013 13:07:34
Chris is getting better at this every year he does it, so lets hope he continues for a few years yet. Good work Chap. Just need those pesky Thames Clubs to give you some dates ;-)

16/10/2013 18:58:52
Chris M
First "Oops" found.

Please note the new Parkstone date 27th/28th Sunday ST.

16/10/2013 19:07:46
And it's Lymington Town SC right?

16/10/2013 19:22:17
Chris M

That's a bit more involved to alter I think. I'll look into it later


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