ENDEAVOUR TROPHY - Merlin Rocket Crews triumphant

13/10/2013 13:19:39
Keith Callaghan
Congratulations to Nick Craig and Alan Roberts, who have whitewashed the champions from 24 other classes to win the Endeavour Trophy. This is Nick's 6th win - a record for the event.
AND in second place come Jasper Barnham and Graham Sexton, who have been sailing WICKED this year with some success. Jasper is Laser 2000 champion, but I think we will be seeing even more of him and Graham in Merlin Rockets in 2014.
Nick/Alan and Jasper/Graham so convincingly erased the opposition that I am writing this before the last race is over.

14/10/2013 09:03:00
Measurement Man
Hi Keith,

Its is true - Nick and Alan won very convincingly - not only with great boat speed and handling in all conditions, but with consistently excellent tactics and boat positioning..

It was fun to be there, and great to note that of the 50 competitors, ten have strong MR connections, including Matt Mee, James Dawes, Chris Bownes, Chris Robinson, Andy Tinnicliffe, Stev Hall and Ollie Wells.

The reputation of the class holds up really well!


14/10/2013 11:47:07
mark barnes
Don't forget Johnny Ratcliffe and Tim Harrison as well

14/10/2013 13:30:15
Paul Hollis
Congratulations to Nick and Alan on winnind the endeavour on our behalf and a fantastic set of results.

15/10/2013 18:15:52
Nick Craig
Thanks for the support guys!
It was a privilege to represent the Merlins and the great racing we've had this year definitely sharpened us up!
Looking forward to more Merlining

15/10/2013 23:23:55
Pat Blake
Yes, well done all - and don't forget Christian Birrell. Twice national champion crew and 3rd in the Endeavour this year representing Fireballs. I am guessing that the Ben Jennings who was representing the Topper Class wasn't our Ben Jennings from Exmouth?

Proud to be a Merlin sailor, Pat


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