Chemarsh - directions!

07/10/2013 21:28:59
Chris M
Whilst I appreciate that the Shropshire countryside is quite attractive, could we have some directions to the club please? A pheasant died as a result of me getting lost last time I went, so i'm sure that the local shooting community would support me in my quest to get to the club in the most direct way possible :)

The link we have doesn't work.


07/10/2013 21:45:33
What is even weirder is that the web address as it appears on the page is correct as as confirmed from y & y clubs database but does not work while putting it in direct does.  Try link below.
08/10/2013 00:16:35
If you went last year why do you need directions this year? 
Thats like asking for a lead boat on two laps!!!

08/10/2013 08:05:14
It's a perfectly sensible question. Does he want to follow the same route as last time? He said he got lost! Which implies it was a route not worth repeating AND certain portions would not have been memorised.

08/10/2013 08:27:28
Chris M
Thanks Richard, those are direction I tried to follow last time and failed! We'll see if take two is more successful.

08/10/2013 09:06:53
Why does the Forum link come up with that irritating BT response that the site does not exist when it actually does? The address in both cases appears to be the same!!
As for Chris, try the old fashioned route of buying a decent map!

08/10/2013 11:37:13
The link had a double "http" on the front - my fault and now corrected in the club database.

08/10/2013 14:07:35
It happens to use all.

08/10/2013 16:00:55
steve ward
chris hi

basically go to bridgnorth and over the bridge, dont go to high town keep left,

take first left beofre the railway,
take first left shortly after
turn left after a few miles signposted chelmarsh sailing club, very narrow road can be muddy...

08/10/2013 18:32:38
Mike Whitehouse
Hi Guys and Girls?, sorry haven't been to many opens this year.
Try looking at a map. Basically you either cross the severn at Brignorth and go south, or cross at Bewdley and go north. There is no river crossing at Hampton Loade or Alveley these are private bridges which are closed to the public.
The road from Bridnorth along the river is closed for repairs so allow extra time for the diversion.
Hope you can make it , Ill try and make sure its worth the journey.


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