Abersoch Open

10/06/2013 19:32:40
Thank you Abersoch. Shorts and rash vest weather, terrific F3 on Saturday, champagne sailing amongst the dolphins in azure blue water off a golden, sandy beach. What more could you ask for - oh yes good food and great company to finish the night off. Senior Management says, "Bring on a Nationals at Abersoch". Those of you who couldn't make it don't know what you missed.

10/06/2013 20:31:02
Olly Turner

10/06/2013 20:33:55
Olly Turner
Those results were from 3races on Saturday only. Not sure if there was racing on Sunday so these may not be the final results.

10/06/2013 21:05:11
Race 4 on Sun am to add to these results. From memory Matt B 1st/Dave W 2nd/Andy D 3rd. Think Ben Archer has full results and will be publishing report

11/06/2013 09:51:27
Pat Blake
Yes we did race on Sunday morning - after a postponement due to lack of wind. Basicaly Biggsy nailed it and Taxi blew it. Winder didn't have a good race but still had done enough to come second overall. Pete Richards did a great job as race officer and Abersoch was at its best in the sunshine. Good weekend all round!

11/06/2013 10:33:57
Derik Palmer
Abersoch is an absolutely stunning venue.  I still have happy memories of doing the FD Europeans there in 1991.  The only thing that went wrong was that the commemorative t-shirts and sweatshirts arrived late (about the third day I think) and contained a spelling mistake).  There were around two hundred and fifty foreign sailors wandering around the town in clobber that said it was spelt 'Aberscoch'.  The locals weren't best impressed...

11/06/2013 10:58:56
A great weekend all round.  Great sailing, lovely beach, welcoming sailing club, good food, good beer, great OOD, loads for the family to do.  What could be better?

It'd be lovely to see more entries next year.

11/06/2013 13:18:28
Ben 3634
Recovered from drive home/work now, report & full results from a fantastic weekend on the way...

11/06/2013 18:38:43
And there I was, stuck two mile up the road dealing with punters. I always seem to miss the best days. Still, there's always tomorrow.

11/06/2013 19:39:17
Jeremy 3709
Lets get 10 boats or more to Dinghy week to get a class start this year !

12/06/2013 14:03:18
Andrew M
Just to say thanks very much for an excellent report Ben, keep it up!

18/06/2013 21:56:20
Our club RLSC does Abersoch Dinghy week every year.....a bunch of us go en masse it's a fab week.....AND there are a few Melins there too.  If more turned up we could get fleet status.....so come on northern / welsh sailors get yourselves off to good old Abo and lets show them how to sail a decent boat.

18/06/2013 22:38:50
miles 3646
21st-26th July. If my crew is able and I can get away I'll be there. If not in Wuthering Heights then in the Hadron.

19/06/2013 08:16:28
Hi Janey. We would have loved to join you too but sadly an extra week in July when we are already committed to Salcombe and Tenby does not compute. Will definitely look at the dates for next year. Would certainly recommend Abersoch to everyone

30/06/2013 10:22:57
steve hunt (3701)
hello chaps    can we get some final results for this great weekend  please ?

30/06/2013 11:15:43
Ben 3634
No probs for full results send your address and I'll mail them to you.


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