2008 Inland Champs - team trophy

08/01/2013 09:52:50
Peter Male
Just about to send the Inland Champs TEAM trophy for engraving.
A couple of blank spaces from previous years.
Which club won in 2008?
Full results at
if any one can work it out.

10/01/2013 12:21:16
Hollingworth won on countback from Shoreham, both had 37 points. Grrrr

Rank Boat SailNo Helm Crew
1st Still Not Over 3665 Matt Biggs Rob Kennaugh Blithfield
2nd Keyser Soze 3684 Andy Davis Ellie Bremer Chase
3rd Wild Card 3656 Roger Gilbert James Stewart Frensham Pond
4th Bluebird 3683 Tom Stewart Liam Dempsey Northampton
5th Smart Tart 3640 Simon Blake Jill Blake Cookham
6th Quickfix 3691 Mike Calvert Jane Calvert Axe
7th Filthy/Georgeous 3670 Richard Whitworth Sally Townsend Hollinhworth
8th Zero 3659 Julian Parry Molly Scott Hollinhworth
9th Devilled Kidney 3666 Chris Lewns Tom Wall? Whistable
10th The Black Peas 1 3685 William Warren Chris Robinson Shoreham
11th Poached Salmon 3644 Duncan Salmon Tom Garwood Wembely
12th Rong Number 3573 Paul Davies Simon Potts ?
13th Tigertiger 3696 Alan Warren James Warren Shoreham
14th Moist 3643 Ross Jackson Dave Reid Shoreham
15th Loose Canon 3655 Mark Ampleford Peter Horn Thames
16th Needlemakers 3610 Richard Dee Phil Scott midland
17th Nearly All Over 3617 Tom Chadfield Andy Chadfield Blithfield
18th Bronte 3663 Chrisopher Haworth Jo Harvey Blackpool
19th Djelibeybi 3660 David Lee Lewis Turner Starcross
20th Aunt Fanny 3604 Bob O'Toole Gabrielle Sellick Parkstone
21st Back in Black 3664 Tudor Owen Hamish Kilburn Whistable
22nd Shiny Happy People 3695 Matthew Winder Kelly Miller Hollingworth

11/01/2013 13:29:14
2008? Didn't they have a different system of breaking ties in those days? Count the discard, rather than use count back...

11/01/2013 17:58:41
Don't you count the discard only in the event all the scores are the same?

Anyway from memory the trohpy went to hollingworth


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