Jack Holt Centenary Race at Ranelagh - October 7th

13/09/2012 14:41:44
Frances Gifford
This is to invite all Jack Holt designed merlins to a special race of all his designs, (solos, cadets, ents, hornets etc) down river, under seven bridges, turn with the tide and back again, in celebration of Jack Holt's boat designs, at his homeland in Putney.  (Start time 12.15).

"Jack Holt, born 100 years ago in 1912, remains one of the most important designers and builders of sailing dinghies. His career started when a syndicate of Ranelagh sailors commissioned a new 14ft dinghy, the first Merlin-Rocket. Jack's workshop was established 100 yards upriver from Ranelagh and it became the birthplace of a large number of sailing dinghies. Jack Holt designs include: Cadet, Enterprise, GP14, Heron, Hornet, Merlin Rocket, Miracle, Mirror, Mirror, Solo, Streaker, Vagabond and several others. To celebrate Jack's 100th birthday, Ranelagh SC will host a Tideway Race towards Central London, open to all dinghies designed or built by Jack Holt."

I fully appreciate that this is a clash with Hampton which is probably mainly a problem for me, but as there are very few JH designed merlins, I don't anticipate it having a major impact if any on Hampton.

Entry is limited by virtue of size, space and safety so pre-entry is necessary - follow the Ranelagh link to do so.

Any queries give me a buzz or drop me an e-mail.

P.s. these races are great fun - if you have a Jack Holt design you would be nuts not to.

http://www.ranelagh-sc.co.uk/ also http://old.yachtsandyachting.com/news/?article=165756
13/09/2012 14:43:04
Frances Gifford
So putting two links in the link box doesn't work....

13/09/2012 14:43:44
Frances Gifford

13/09/2012 20:23:59
Phil Dalby
Non Holt merlins need not feel left out of the fun stakes, as you are all mega welcome to come to Hampton open. ( Holt merlins are welcome to bunk off from Ranelagh too ). De May Vintage racing on Saturday followed by curry and dark and stormy fuelled craziness. Then Thames series racing through the alcohol haze on the Sunday.
Apologies for hijacking your thread Fran.

18/09/2012 14:07:20
Andrew Harris
Fran - given that Jack Holt designed the Merlin Rocket, presumably then I would be welcome to turn up in my Phil Morrison variant of his original design?

18/09/2012 14:48:18
Frances Gifford
I think the test is - if Jack Holt was looking down from above, would he look at your boat and say "ah yes, I remember designing that one, one of my better designs" rather than, "ah - that looks like a boat designed by someone else to a set of rules that I used to design boats to".  You would of course be very welcome in your Phil Morrison designed boat at the Ranelagh open meeting on 28th October, and Hampton on the 7th October.  And you are of course very welcome in any boat that passes the above test.


18/09/2012 15:58:46
WP .
Jack Holt designed the Merlin but I beleive the Rocket was desinged by W & C....so your boat is only half designed by JH.
Perhaps you could just bring the JH half ?..........

18/09/2012 16:27:47
Andrew Harris
I think Jack Holt might say "I knew his Grandfather well."

21/09/2012 20:50:35
Garry R
Having Secret Water Merlin 111 (Holt designed, Woottens built) and Gannet No 252 Rocket design hence W & C design and built, I know which one I will be bringing along!!  I have enterd but how do we get confirmation that we have been accepted?

22/09/2012 23:54:04
For anyone wanting to do the Jack Holt event, there is a Pacer in my garden, not a Merlin or a rocket, but one of his finest designs, you are welcome to. But please, please please don't bring it back.


22/09/2012 23:54:05
For anyone wanting to do the Jack Holt event, there is a Pacer in my garden, not a Merlin or a rocket, but one of his finest designs, you are welcome to. But please, please please don't bring it back.


23/09/2012 14:21:29
Garry, It took a couple of days but I recieved an email confirming my entry.

25/09/2012 17:11:23
Nick Price
Hi Garry,
Una who is collating entries says she hasn't had one from you. Did you email or post it?


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