Potential International Event

23/08/2012 14:46:09
Tim Fells
After a lot of bar talk in Salcombe about taking the class abroad, it seems there are like minded folk in other classes.  Tom Jeffcoate has posted some details of an event for Scorps, Larks, Merlins and N12s next May at Carnac.

Check it out and register interest. I am sure we can discuss further over a beer in Lyme.

23/08/2012 14:48:12
Tim Fells
Should read May 2014, not next May

23/08/2012 16:02:18
Rod & Jo
Looks good, we'll go. As you may know, I tried to get the class to the French Open in Quiberon, but this falls inconveniently between Salcombe & the Nats. If instead it is possible by mixing with other classes to better choose a date to suit all then maybe that has greater chance of success. This is a great  place to sail, and it could be a really good event.

23/08/2012 19:16:03
I'm in. Sounds awesome.

23/08/2012 20:28:55
We would be up for that.

24/08/2012 10:10:15
Tim 3643
Sounds amazing to me too, I'm a keen bean for it.

24/08/2012 14:54:57
Ben Hollis
I'm in amazing !

24/08/2012 18:17:03
Ian Mackenzie
We're in, 3555

25/08/2012 21:30:02
Tom J
Cheers for all responses - given the chat from this week at the scorps and the list of people who have signed up on the web page it is looking like a go.

Already got some pretty special ideas forming for it too but more of them later.

All being well i'll be at the inlands at Blithfield so any questions can also ask me then.

13/02/2013 14:36:55
Tom J
I've now set up a facebook event page so i'm not putting updates in 5 different places while things get sorted, and to spread the word. Link below:

13/02/2013 15:22:40
Not sure what (or when) the 'Inlands at Blithfield' that Tom J is attending but the Inlands are at Grafham this year in September.

13/02/2013 16:46:21
Tom J
The previous post was from last august, just before we all got mixed up in some debates over how big a gap a merlin could fit into at a mark. This year I'm not sure what events I'll be at but will probably jump in for 1 or 2 when a guest tiller waggler is required.

13/02/2013 21:44:49
Martin Hunter
wow, will it be part of the Sail Juice series, sounds great
maybe drag the Rater down there

27/08/2013 14:03:20
Tom J
Entry is now open...


Please can you enter now if you know you are coming and everyone who has paid their £20 by 31st Dec will get free event t-shirts.


28/08/2013 15:38:37
The word has gone out...

28/08/2013 20:07:04
Nick Craig
Well organised Tom!
We could well be up for it - Carnac is a great venue for sailing, families and beer!

28/08/2013 22:14:43
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Not to mention that you have already had a week's practice at Carnac at the OK Euros earlier this year, Nick!

Is Fran up for some interclass beach games (big expanse of sand to play on!) - think of all the stuff that Fran could now bring in the postmobile ..... ?

29/08/2013 09:40:37
mark barnes
Tim is off to his mecca again, well next to Garda (and the now gone Mobby Dicks bar).

Great venue and should be a lot of fun. Suggest getting in very early with the Ferry companies to try and get a deal as the price goes up throughout as the time gets shorter.

Tim also forgot to mention he has probably been here the most, but still a fairly open route upwind/downwind. So a great venue all round with lots of accommodation.

03/10/2013 14:01:37
Tom J
For those people looking into ferries can I recommend holding fire for a few days... we're currently in talks that will get people a small discount and we should have more details in the next few days. Keep an eye on the event homepage or facebook for more updates.

There is already info on discounted camping on the website or you can find links to other accommodation options.

For anyone who hasn't, please enter now - http://carnac2014.org/?page_id=157

26/12/2013 16:55:33
Tom J
Hi, first of all happy xmas! Without wanting to tear you away from leftover turkey or a good family domestic for too long this is just a quick plea for you to enter Carnac if you are planning on coming. It takes 5 minutes, the link is here:


and you'll get a free t-shirt each if you do it and pay the £20 deposit before 1st January. If some details are still tbc then that is fine, they can be filled in later. I know this may seem early but:

1 - I need to write the SI's which will include working out how best to manage the fleets to keep them apart (easier if I know how many of each we're likely dealing with)
2 - We need to buy prizes and without knowing fleet sizes or potential additional prize categories we could end up wasting money
3 - I can't work out the social budget without a decent idea of how much money we will have available
4 - the more boats signed up early the more appealing the event is to those who are currently undecided leading to both better racing and better socials for you

All the details you need are online at www.carnac2014.org including information on discounted ferries, cheap camping and who the other 69 boats that have already entered are.

And finally, the classes have not been asked to put any money into the event and I don't intend to pay for it my self so we really need the £20 deposits for everything like prizes, socials, t-shirts etc that needs to be paid for in advance. If you can't commit now then not to worry but for those who can it would be a massive help if you could take 2 minutes to get your entry in. If everyone leaves it to the last minute then we'll get to the event, i'll have a wad of cash from all the late entries and there won't be any time to spend it on the actual event... actually, that sounds brilliant but it won't be so great for everyone else.



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