2012 ST Dates

05/12/2011 12:42:05
Tim Fells
Any sight of the 2012 circuit dates yet?  All I know is Hayling on 28/29 April.

05/12/2011 12:56:41
chris m
It's nearly there, still waiting for a couple of clubs to come back.

05/12/2011 13:29:25
Pat Blake
Thats funny we have Cookham Silver Tiller on the 29th April with the first DeMay trophy event and Guy Pearce Memorial on the 28th?

05/12/2011 14:43:49
chris m
Hauling is the week before, pat is correct about cookham. No need to panic yet!

05/12/2011 16:38:29
Richard 3711
Chris, I think you need to check with HISC, because the Hayling Duty list was released today and the Merlin Rocket Open is down for 28/29 April.



05/12/2011 17:48:20
Chris M
ok i'll look into it. Info i have has HISC on 21/22nd.

Better to find out now if there's been a miscommunication.

06/12/2011 20:42:28
Chris M
Crisis over!

07/12/2011 08:30:27
Tim Fells
Chris - how was it resolved?  Is the Hayling Calendar wrong or is there a clash with Cookham?

07/12/2011 08:35:16
chris m
Hayling date stands all being well cookham will swap the weekend. Either way the hayling date is confirmed.

07/12/2011 08:36:07
chris m
.....as 28th 29th April.

07/12/2011 18:51:39
Chris M
Right, the 2012 ST fixtures until May are now on the website. There are still a few more to slot in, and I hope to have the rest up by the middle of next week.

What i can say is that if all comes to fruition there will be 24 events with 8 in each catergory. 8 of these events will take place over "Double Header" weekends, while 4 of them will have both days counting for ST points.

It will be possible to qualify for the Silver tiller in various combinations of 3 weekends, while still maintaining a wide choice of events to go to. While we can't please everyone I hope that this will enable the maximum number of people to qualify.

Watch this space for the rest of the circuit!

07/12/2011 23:01:14
29 day Champs this year by the looks of it! :-)

07/12/2011 23:25:51
Pat Blake
I think Cookham has been swapped with Hayling
So Cookham is now April 21/22?

08/12/2011 07:11:26
Chris M
Yes Pat, just didn't want to pre-emp it by putting it up before it had gone through your sailing committee!


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