Blithfield barrel round three

09/01/2011 18:58:26
Chris Martin
Blithfield SC are looking forward to their first sail since 12th December, which coincides with the third scheduled installment of the Blithfield barrel series. After the ice enforced abondonment of the last round we are set up and raring to go, hoping for a large turnout. Most of the clubs strong home fleet will be out, along with most of the Midland Circuiteers. Newcomers to the series are welcome and can still qualify for the series as 4 from 6 races will now count.

Food will be available, and the bar will be open. Boat washing is still in place so please allow time for this when planning your journey.

The ice that has plagued BSC since early December is all but gone. At it's peak on Boxing Day it was 6.5 inches thick! What is left is rapidly being broken up by a strong westerly wind, and the forecast currently does not indicate that it will return in the next week. In the event of it going cold again please keep an eye on our website for the latest news on the lake.

10/01/2011 22:35:30
Tim Male
methinks we will need our drysuits.
14/01/2011 17:42:10
Steve Watson
Whats the latest status?

14/01/2011 18:57:56
All very fluid - the water that is! The rest of the arrangements are very firm  -  first race at 12.00 - then lunch  -  second race at 14.00 and then to the bar.
So very civilised. Forecast looks good.

15/01/2011 09:23:56
25mph gust this morning is it going to be the same tomorrow I wonder?

15/01/2011 18:43:18
Chris M
It was pretty chunky this morning when i dropped my boat off. Hopefully it'll drop off a bit but not too much!!


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