2010 Fixtures

09/11/2009 09:34:39
when are next seasoons fixtures going to be published - me like most people need to start planning what we can and can't do, so an early view of the fixtures would be appreciated.

09/11/2009 11:56:59
Dave Lee is trying to balance/interlink/juggle the list at present. Once he has had confirmation from each club representatives he can begin to release details on the website.

Nightmare job if you ask me; takes lots of hard work, and he's bound to get complaints every time!

09/11/2009 13:45:47
Dave Lee
Nearly there - just three event dates to finalise

12/11/2009 14:47:41
Get this in your calendar, it's very worthwhile.
I hear we have a new hotshot coach too...

12/11/2009 18:55:11
Already booked the Friday off work!

02/12/2009 18:08:17
Any news on the list yet?

02/12/2009 21:12:48
Dave Lee
OK - the confirmed Silver Tiller venues and dates are on the web site now, but please note I am still sorting out details and contact info

03/12/2009 00:43:28
Fat Pig
Mmm - that link works well...

03/12/2009 01:24:13
Shane Deppe
try this one for ST.....

03/12/2009 08:33:41
Can anyone confirm where and when the Inlands will be?

03/12/2009 08:46:10
Rob 22/23 May at Queen Mary

03/12/2009 12:23:34
Rob: Do you want to drop me an e-mail? I can let you know when we will be sailing.
We have just bought Merlin 3666 and will be racing most weekends at Burghfield from January to April. It would be good if you could come out so we have someone to chase...

03/12/2009 13:25:13
Chris, we are only down the road from you, what is the situation with coming along for a days sailing at Burfield? We are river based so don't sail Jan/Feb. We are going to be at Chichester every other weekend but would like to come and see what Burfield is like.

03/12/2009 14:23:14
I THINK, but will need to check, that there is a £5.00 a day fee for guests of members during the winter months. There is probably a larger fee if you want to leave your boat there.
Sunday's January 3rd to Mid-March is the Frostbites, with 2 races a day at 11:00 and 13:30. Hot (or cold) lunches available, along with hot (or cold!) showers at the end of the day before a jar or two in the bar.
The Merlins will be in the Fast Handicap, alongside (or in front of!) Phantoms, Blazes, Finns and some of the top National 12's. Typically 15 or so on the start line. We follow the Asymmetrics (400's, 200's and 2000's) by 3 mins. A combined lap-timed handicap is also calculated against all other classes racing, giving you a result out of 50 or so boats.
See: www.BurghfieldSailing.org

03/12/2009 18:28:47
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Will "Wicked" be out at BSC this winter ....

03/12/2009 19:21:37
Maybe in the new year, need a lightish crew though

04/12/2009 07:44:41
Burghfield has a £5.00 a day visitors fee for guests - subject to the Fleet Captain and Race Officer allowing you to race. The proviso is to ensure you dont turn up with a boat that might spoil the racing for the other club members. This is supposed to be a one-off event.
There is also Winter Membership for £67, which covers 1 November to 31 March, including a dinghy park space.


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