One string system for wooden Canterbury Tales

10/01/2016 17:11:36
I'm in the process of a 'refit' on 3550, 1998 Rowsell, all wood Canterbury Tales. What started as a quick flat back and couple of coats of varnish has become a complete strip out of the cockpit.  
Current set up has three separate controls for fore stay, caps and lowers, which is very distracting and slow!
Does anyone have advice and / or drawings of a 'One String' system suitable for this scenario?

13/01/2016 15:14:42
Ben 3767
A good person to contact re this would be the owner of 'Smartypants' -details on the for sale section of this site- as he upgraded his boat to a more modern spec himself. You would, of course, retain the individual controls for the rig as well as having the ability to rake with the 'one string' when overpowered... 

13/01/2016 20:31:22
Chris Martin
The standard system devised by Dave Winder does lend itself to wooden boats quite easily and with few, if any mods.
Thats what i'd do. 

14/01/2016 13:55:37
Ben 3767
I concur with Chris. Happy New Year Chris!

14/01/2016 18:05:42
Chris Martin
HNY Ben :)

05/10/2016 13:38:50
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Just to follow up on this thread...

Robin, Richard and myself convicted a plan for installing the one-string system on this boat and it works really well.

Re-jigged many of the blocks so I don't think the overall cost of the conversion was that high.

I have crewed for robin twice this year and the boat sails really well, easy to adjust rake as the conditions change

27/11/2016 22:07:45
Keith Callaghan
I have diagrams for the Winder style one string systems at

30/11/2016 23:46:54
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hi Kieth

Robin and me used your excellent drawings to set up his system. It works really well


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