Best slot gasket

28/12/2013 17:31:18
What slot gasket do most people prefer? My old boat has sailcloth but I am tempted to replace with mylar.... Will I regret the change? -  my board is quite a tight fit but there is a small recess in the case about the width of the gasket. Cheers, Dave

28/12/2013 18:01:26
Chris M
Stick with sailcloth it's much kinder to the board. I have seen sailcloth gaskets with a mylar insert but not for a long time now.

I don't think i've ever seen a merino with a hawk strip gasket which is what i assume you were thinking of fitting

05/10/2016 13:42:28
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Who do you get to make new Gaskets Chris?

05/10/2016 17:06:13
Ben 3767
Jon Turner 07712436745 for 'P- L ' slot gasket.

05/10/2016 18:03:24
Chris Martin
Literally any sailmaker will do you a slot gasket. Some have a mylar insert to make them stiffer, some are superglued rather than sewn.
It doesn't seem to make much difference!

08/10/2016 16:22:47
Gareth Griffiths
Cheers guys..!

Need to do both Carrera and TDM

09/10/2016 19:46:28
Have eyelets fitted to one end, screw the other end down, pull on the eyelet with sheeting, screw or glue down. Don't glue right up to the slot, leave a small gap.

10/10/2016 18:34:58
Rod & Jo Sceptical
One of the advantages of being out here in the wilderness is that we have absolutely no 'conventional wisdom',- so do our own thing. The slot gasket(s) on 1620 is a rubber section intended to protect you from the north winds blowing under your door. Works fine, and never replaced in over 20 years; closes the gap, and seals wonderfully around the foil.


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