Extending a carbon Mast

18/12/2013 13:30:05
Mr X
I have a hog stepped tin mast and eventually would like to replace with a carbon rig without going for deck stepping the rig. I've seen a number of older boats with full length hog stepped carbon masts but beieve that these are bespoke masts. Has anyone any experience of altering a deck stepped carbon mast and how difficult/expensive is it to do?
Many thanks

18/12/2013 17:06:28
RH .
It has been done my brother had a superspar lengthened by Jacko to fit his vintage hogstepped boat.

18/12/2013 17:59:58
Gareth Griffiths
I can get you a quote.

I am working with a mate who has lots of experience repairing and altering carbon rigs

18/12/2013 18:52:01
Chris M
Most merlin friendly repairers/builders can do this, we've done several. Make sure that you know what the lower black band to bottom cut length should be as this does vary between boats (Even apparently identical ones!). I wouldn't trust the old mast either, especially if its an old boat!


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