USA Hazardous Boat Building Project - September Update

09/10/2013 16:27:44
Julio Arana

Autumn officially arrived last week. I know this because I woke up to 9°C after a 30°C + day. So it's here. The temperatures are lovely, between 17°C and 30°C, and I am having fun just going over the West System temperature charts to select the right epoxy hardener.

In September I fitted the spaceframes, the main bulkhead and centerboard reinforcements. I also added fiberglass plank reinforcements to the hull's interior.

Use the link below to visit my blog. As always, comments are welcome.


09/10/2013 18:03:05
David Child
A great credit to you and to Keith.

10/10/2013 11:07:38
Julio Arana
Thank you, David. To Keith really. I used a CNC service to cut the parts from Keith's CAD files. The quality and dimension accuracy of the parts is fantastic. For novices like me, seeing the parts fit nicely, step after step, is very encouraging.

10/10/2013 13:15:31
It certainly isn't Ikea!!  with those you get to the end and the last instruction says 'before commencing..."!!

11/10/2013 10:05:17
She's looking good Julio. It's a good feeling when the pieces fit together. Bet you spend a lot of time sitting looking at her while the glue sets.

11/10/2013 11:06:30
Julio Arana
So true, Alan! I believe Keith mentioned something about "some assembly is required" before I took on the project...

Thank you, Miles. Are you driving by my house when I'm working in the garage? Yes, she's easy to look at... Thinking about the next steps... building the deck, etc. Can't wait to have her on the water!


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