Tacking Steps

06/10/2012 21:33:48
does anyone know of an easy way to find/buy/fit some tacking steps in the sole, fore and aft, to stop us falling in the bilge all the time!?!

08/10/2012 13:40:57
Good idea!  We already use quite big steps in Shabazzle: handy for everyone and essential for us old boys.  You can even perch on them downwind.  

Ask JT to fit some for you!

13/12/2013 23:18:17
Gareth Griffiths
Are carbon steps legal?

Can steps legally have fittings attached? Or controls?

13/12/2013 23:18:20
Gareth Griffiths
Are carbon steps legal?

Can steps legally have fittings attached? Or controls?

14/12/2013 00:27:00
Pretty sure carbon steps are ok, and fittings can go anywhere as long as the don't project outside the hull(apart from exceptions in rule 17(c))

14/12/2013 11:08:21
Gareth Griffiths
Thanks Miles...

Some classes would consider steps to be structurally integral do wanted to check.

14/12/2013 15:06:03
Alan B 3637
I had steps retro-fitted to Delirium, by Winders.  They look like a standard option.

14/12/2013 18:40:23
I think any thing fitted or replaced with carbon has to have the mearurers eye run over it.

14/12/2013 19:42:45
Chris M
I think carbon steps would be a massive grey area, not so much the steps themselves but any overlap attachment to the hull shell. And it won't make any tangible difference anyway, glass would do just as good a job.

There is no reason why you can't use the steps to route control lines, the fitting layout is up to you.

14/12/2013 21:22:11
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Carbon steps are legal as would be any internal "stiffening", and yes, Chris is right that carbon flanges or tabbing is something that is not defined in the Rules. BAU's console & front tank are moulded in carbon with a carbon glue landing to stick them in, this has then been carbon tabbed as the glue has failed in certain areas. Back to steps, as this would not change the hull shape or buoyancy and as it is not a prohibited fitting, I do not believe that a measurer would even need to be consulted.

15/12/2013 09:24:18
Gareth Griffiths
Thanks for the extra input.

Thinking of making two sets, forward ones for crew that could also attach the jib track and a few controls. Aft ones may attach controls too.

Still working on layout.

Great fun project, absolutely living life right now.

15/12/2013 09:43:58
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
The location of the crew "steps" is a tricky one as if you position them to take the place of the jib track (typically on the second land) then they are too far inboard to be useful for a crew and vice versa. There is a move to have lateral jib sheeting to open the slot as the mast is raked which usually entails a flip-flop type block some 6" outboard and another control line. The landing for that might be far enough outboard for the crew to use as a launch step ....

Enjoy your project.

15/12/2013 12:14:50
Gareth Griffiths
Hi Andy

The second part of your post is more what I am thinking. An outboard higher, wedge shaped step. Then a super short jib track mounted into the step and with an in-hauler for the jib lead.


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