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31/03/2011 12:22:43
Miles 3646
Hull all prepped and ready for colour coat. Question is: Are Cellulose thinners [which I have] ok to use with International Toplac or do I need to get a  specific one? I don't want to botch a weeks prep for the sake of the wrong thinner
Any help appreciated.


31/03/2011 12:55:28
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
I think you answered your own question. I always (ish) follow the manufacturer's recommendations - not least if it all goes pear shaped you can try and pin this on their product. International's datasheet recommends Thinner No 1 or No 10 if you are spraying.
31/03/2011 13:28:39
What Andy says. I've been caught out in the past using apparently similar thinners which weren't 'quite' the same. Fortunately not on a boat, I hasten to add.

31/03/2011 13:36:58
Miles 3646
Thanks for advice, thought I might be answering my own question, but always best to check.

Will pop to chandlers once wifey comes back from the links.

Thanks again

31/03/2011 14:22:17
Chris m
Number 1thinner is white spirit. Don't waste your money!

31/03/2011 15:08:38
Miles 3646
Thanks Chris, just googled it and yep, you're spot on.

Found this snippet "IIRC at one time International Thinners no 1 were actually labelled as white spirit."

Saved a few bob there.


31/03/2011 16:50:59
I've just finished using No 10 thinners with toplac and although its smell stays with you for days, it's the right one to use - 'faster' than No 1 (didn't know it was white spirit!)
Been using one of those HVLP sprayers from B+Q and thinned at 20% it works well - found it needed different % for diferent colours though, so it may pay to experiment.

31/03/2011 16:52:15
should have added No 10 is the one for spraying, No 1 for brushing, like Andy said,

01/04/2011 13:30:18
Chris m
Id be very interested to know what the no10 thinner actually is. We spray blakes with white spirit with excellent results, certainly never thought of using a different thinner. The old one pack oily was different, very strange stuff but a brilliant product shame they pulled it.

02/04/2011 10:45:59
example msds for no 10 thinners

seems to be xylene
18/05/2011 22:52:27
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Any ideas if there is an alternative to No. 5 thinner? Used for Hempel / Blakes EPU on the insides of BAU.

20/05/2011 18:39:38
Stud Muffin
No 10 aka YTA063

Seems to be based on toluene not xylene

08/09/2020 20:15:15
John B
I have spoken to International and they advise spraying with either 910 or 920 which are professional thinners for spraying industry

Brushing is no 1


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