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21/03/2005 18:43:47
John, NY
Thought you may find this interesting. The analysis technology is what I do for a living but this application of it is far more interesting than the stuff I apply it to. I think the aim of the analysis was to look at the interaction of the two boats as 1 passes the other. It looks as though any interaction is almost imperceptible but the 'advantage' of a digital wave tank is that we can interrogate the results to the nth degree and see that 6th decimal place difference and call it significant!

The zoom-in phase is to demonstrate just how big an area/volume they modelled in order that the 'sides of the tank' had no significant effect on the results.
22/03/2005 07:12:58
Barry Watkin
From our prospective changing the hull forms to match those of existing Merlins would be interesting.  I take it that the program could predict vmg at all stages & changing one of the vessels to a displacment craft, thus producing more wash would be usfull. Then market it as a diy design tool for those of us who have long given up on 'playstations'    Get back to working on your boat, regards Barry.  
ps, its been suggested the one on the right has been eating to many pies!!


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