ST and regional circuit results

14/07/2014 12:18:40
Martin Smith
Where do I find the current ST and regional circuit standings on the new web site?

14/07/2014 12:25:47
If you go to RESULTS in the menu bar, and then pick 2014, you'll see the list of 'series results so far' above the other reports from this year.

14/07/2014 20:39:24
Martin Smith
Thanks for the reply but the HD Sails Midland Circuit results don't appear to be there.

14/07/2014 21:25:00
Oh sorry - I misinterpreted your question then!
I've copied the table from the old website now.

15/07/2014 09:15:39
Martin Smith

15/07/2014 13:18:04
Tim Fells
Mags - looks like Whitstable ST report is missing

15/07/2014 14:39:41
Was there a report for Blackpool & Fletwood?


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