Merlin 2371

19/11/2019 10:46:40
Can anyone tell me anything about 2371?  She’s just been donated, minus a mast, to a friend following a barn clear out. Back in the Bronze Age, when I sailed a Hexagon, there was a really useful boat list that covered such things, but if it still exists, I can’t find it....

19/11/2019 11:58:11
Bob Hoare wide proctor MKXV11(17) was called Katrina

19/11/2019 12:41:38
Marc Fovargue-Davies
Thanks for that Rob - do you happen to know when she was built? She’s just emerged from at least a decade’s storage in Suffolk, but we have no idea what she was up to before that. 

20/11/2019 17:14:01
Late 1970 I believe, it was a Wide 17

21/11/2019 08:55:37
Mike Liggett
In 1970's was at Ranelagh SC, Putney.  Just checked Year Books and was built 1971.

21/11/2019 21:05:36
John Cooper
I had 2310 new - built late 1969, so 1970 would seem right 


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