History for merlin 1988

03/06/2019 09:33:49



I would be grateful if anybody could give me some history/design of Merlin No. 1988 
with thanks

03/06/2019 12:56:57
Tim Medcalf
The Merlin Rocket yearbook says that this is an Adur 8 design built approx 1967.  If you do a quick search for Adur 8 on this forum you will find some feedback about how they sail from people who have owned them.  

03/06/2019 18:38:35
Mike Liggett
Merlin1988 "Saracen", as Tim says, is an Adur8 built at the Adur Boatyard, Shoreham but I will go a year earlier - 1966. The first owner was F. Durr a member of Lancing SC.  By 1970 she had a new owner in Canterbury, Kent.

03/06/2019 21:02:23
Rod & Jo sceptical
Comments & conventional wisdom about Adur 8 as a dog could well be right, but don’t believe all that you read on this excellent Forum. For e.g., our #1620 Proctor Mk XV has a persistant reputation as a heavy weather boat only, but seemingly based on a single championship 1962 where Robin Judah went well in the first two windy days but less so in the calmer stuff that followed; there could be many reason for that,- like going the wrong way or too much partying!  
Of such stuff legends are made. I have owned 1620 for close on 50 years; we find it a pure delight to sail in the light stuff, & are often stunningly well placed in our club's handicapped racing,- even with recent PY ratings which are tough on older boats. Conversely, #1620, otherwise very well sorted, can be a bit of a handful when it blows; the fact that combined age of boat & crew is now 194 might have a little to do with that!

Just sail & enjoy!
Rod & Jo 


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