Wanted - Tall rig Dacron main for club racing

16/07/2019 15:35:14
I've recently bought a vintage Merlin and I'm looking to buy a reasonable condition Dacron main for a tall rig. Anyone have one that they might be willing to part with? I'm based at Thames Sailing Club. Thanks in advance! Ben  

18/07/2019 11:52:08
Rod Andrew
You probably need to specify the rig height, measured between sheerline & upper band on the mast. In those days rigs were referred to by this measurement in feet, to the nearest 6 inches, so rigs were  21', 21'6", 22' etc. Tolerance on lower band height w.r.t. sheerline was smaller then, so practically speaking the measurement above determines the luff length. Hope this helps.

19/07/2019 07:14:37
Tim Medcalf
Hi Ben, you need a sail with a 618cm luff for your mast.  All the best, Tim

21/07/2019 14:20:28
Ben May
Thanks Tim. I was just about to get the tape out. You’ve saved me a job!

27/07/2019 12:26:15
Stuart J
Hi Ben - I have a set of DS Sails (2012) for a 22'6'' tall rig in good condition. My number 07545340190. Stuart 


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