Cheap starter Merlin wanted

23/04/2019 20:29:25
Looking for a cheap (<£1k) old Merlin to sail with my daughter - want to go sailing so not looking for restoration job!
Based in NE England/Borders 

25/04/2019 20:06:37
I know this is over your stated budget but 'Leader' 3563 is for sale at a very reasonable 3k and is an up together Winder Canterbury Tales.

28/04/2019 16:17:45
Chris Martin
I'm not sure how far you're prepared to travel, but there's an Ovington built plastic NSM II going for not a lot of money in the south east.
Looked like it needed a jet wash and not a lot else, though I haven't seen the boat and I dont know what it comes with.
Give John a call - zero7899 zero9761five
Good luck 


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