25/03/2018 17:07:14
I have Merlin Rocket 3390 "Spruce Goose" NSM IV for sale, £450 (or nearest offer),
complete with trailer, launching trolley, top cover, ready to go. Needs £10 spent on it.
Available to view in Eastbourne. 
Please phone 07597579832
Can send pictures, please email [email protected]

26/03/2018 07:27:45
Colin Simmonds
Good Morning
Can you please e mail photos
What is general condition? Is road trailer serviceable
For delivery
what needs to be purchased for £10:00
Many thanks Colin
[email protected]

26/03/2018 22:41:53
Bill Twine
Have emailed you.
Any other questions, just let me know.

09/04/2018 10:57:42
Bill Twine
Will accept £350, as need to move house soon and no space for it there

14/04/2018 10:24:53
Bill Twine
have now listed the Merlin on eBay
Auction price stands at £99.99 at the moment
you might get yourself a real bargain here...


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