Anyone want to sell a lift rudder?

30/10/2017 13:28:02


I'm looking for a lifting rudder assembly.  Would like to buy new but wife would either kill or divorce me.

Anyone wanting to sell one? 
Thanks in advance.

30/10/2017 16:54:48
Alistair Glen
If recent history is anything to go by, it would be quicker getting a new rudder and wife combo! 

30/10/2017 17:25:15
Um, Thank's for that? Not sure the Mrs would agree.  I shall see what happens here first.  If nothing happens i will send a letter to Lapland.

30/10/2017 20:20:02
Chris Martin
what boats it for?
We have several "vintage"/"classic" assemblies in the barn, wont suit a Winder but fine for an older boat. 

30/10/2017 20:36:27
It’s for a Winder Tales. Vintage won’t cut the mustard. Cheers anyway.

31/10/2017 00:01:42
Martin Smith
Dear Santa!
I would like a lifting Winder rudder.....
Last one second hand went for two thirds new price, they come up every two to three years if your lucky..
Happy Hunting! 

31/10/2017 08:51:33

Hi Chris Martin,

What do you have?

I could put one to a NSM1 as the one I have on that is very good.
If you can email me some pictures on [email protected] that would be great.
Or by text? 07887400992

10/11/2017 13:15:56
If you seek you will be rewarded.
After 10 days of wanting a Winder Lifting Rudder i have been rewarded. 
Many thanks to John who contacted me offering one.  Champion.
Much better than upsetting the Mrs... 


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