Flame up for sale.

05/10/2015 00:27:25
I have just spent the last two years restoring Flame. Sail number 1390. This is my first sail boat as All my other boats have been powered craft. 
I have now been informed that I may have bitten off more than I can chew as these are not for novice sailers.
So I have decided to sell her and get something that may not want to kill me. It is a shame as I have been looking forward to getting her on the water, but I will have to start with something a bit more modest.
She really is a beauty, built in 1962 by chippendale, proctor design.
If anyone is interested or if I have been misinformed and I will be able to sail her please let me know.

05/10/2015 07:05:28
All that work, shame not to at least sail her once  twice: get some one to take you out in her. Decide afterwards.

They are not as 'wild' as some people make out.

05/10/2015 08:04:01
Chris Martin
Hard work in strong winds perhaps, but Proctor designs are easy to sail. Sounds like you've been told rubbish to me.
As miles says at least try first, but do it on a sensible day i.e. some wind but not too much. 

05/10/2015 09:12:20
Thanks for the advice. 
I am definitely going to have a go. I will post on here when I have sailed her. Glad I stand a chance as I really want to keep her.

05/10/2015 09:32:55
100% agree with Chris, I had a Proctor 9b a while ago and it was probably the nicest Merlin I have ever sailed, no vices, a real lady. Giver her a chance and you won't be disappointed. Chippendale built nice boats.

05/10/2015 10:23:42
Mike Liggett
The Mk.12 is an excellent design for inland waters.  I can only endorse what Miles & Chris have said - get an experienced dinghy sailor to take you out in a gentle breeze, initially as crew, so that you can get the feel of the boat before you take over full control of the helm & mainsail.  I sail a Proctor 9b (1939) - lovely boat.
Flame was at Wembley SC by 1963.  A change of owner in 1966 saw her at Stock Exchange SC with another change of owner in 1971 across country to Cheltenham.  By 1975 a new owner at Ragley SC. No further changes noted in Year Books.

06/10/2015 09:36:11
Thanks for all the replies and advice.
A special thanks to Mike for the info on Flames history.
I think she looks marvellous now as she is varnished all over showing the true beauty of a wooden built boat.
I will add some pictures of her to the gallery soon.


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